Yinchuan Travel Tips

Yinchuan in brief:
Population: 1,406,000
Land Area: 9,579 square kilometers (3,698 square miles)
Administrative Divisions: 3 districts (Xingqing, Jinfeng, Xixia); 1 county-level city (Lingwu); 2 counties (Yongning, Helan)
Seat of the City Government: N0.166, Middle Beijing Road, Jinfeng District
Major Nationalities: Han, Hui (nearly 370,000)
Area code: 0951
Postal code: 750000
City flower: rose
Religion: Islam

As the saying goes, while in Rome, do as the Roman does. It is very important to understand these customs in Yinchuan. Pork, blood of all the animals, and fierce animals are taboos for Hui people of Yinchuan. 
Wine, alcohol and tobaccos are not allowed for Muslims, either. Huis have high regard for tea, and they will treat their guests to Gaiwancha (a kind of tea) before providing a feast of melons, fruit, and seedcakes, etc.

Useful telephone numbers:
Fire alarm: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Consumer complaint: 12315
Tourist complaint: 0951-6034594

Address of China Post:
No.773, Beijing Zhonglu, Jinfeng District
No.228, Changcheng Donglu, Xingqing District
No.144, Jiefang Dongjie, Xingqing District

Address of some branches of Bank of China:
No.33, Gulou Beijie, Xingqing District
No.9, Minzu Beijie, Xingqing District
No.196, Zhongshan Beijie, Xingqing District
No.303, Funing Jie, Xingqing District

Ningxia People's Hospital
Address: No.148, Huaiyuan Xi Lu, Xixia District
the Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical College
Address: No.804, Shengli Jie, Xingqing District
No.1 People's Hospital of Yinchuan
Address: No.2, Liqun Xi Jie, Xingqing District

Ningxia University
Address: No.489, Helanshan Xi Lu, Xixia District
Website: http://www.nxu.edu.cn/english/
Ningxia Medical College
Address: No.1160, Shengli Jie, Xingqing District

Most of the drinking water for Yinchuan is underground hard water and has comparatively high hypsography to which some visitors will not be acclimatized, so it is helpful to take some medicine in case this causes you any discomfort.

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruit will help ease the dryness of the city climate.

We suggest you bring a coat if you come to Yinchuan in chilly autumn and wear sun-block, sunglasses and a hat in the summer.

Travel Tips
Yinchuan has new and old city zones which is half an hour's drive from each other. Although some hotels in old city zones are a little bit old, it is convenient, because hot attractions, scenic spots and busy downtown areas are all located in the old city area. The new city area have well equipped accommodation facilities, however, it is far away from the highlighted parts of Yinchuan. Hotels are easy to be found and the price is no expensive. Due to the cool weather, air conditioner is not necessary in summer. It is especially cool at night.

Most of the scenic spots in city area can be accessible by public buses, and it is cheap if traveling by taxi. Usually, the fare is no more than CNY10. Nanguan Mosque is an Arabic style building, being the symbol of Yinchuan city and the only mosque in China allowing women to enter. For some places far from the city area, renting a vehicle is a best choice. For example, it needs CNY200 a day to Helan Mountain. 

- Last updated on Jun. 28, 2022 -
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