Yinchuan Festivals

Ningxia Yinchuan International Yellow River Cultural Festival
Date: every mid-September, lasting ten days
Also known as China International Yellow River Cultural Festival, this big event shows best the west China landscape and full-bodied Moslem flavor. Ningxia is tightly close to the Yellow River. Set in the great river, it is an ever unforgettable experience to admire folk art along the Yellow River at the same time. Acrobatics, opera, Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition, rock painting, tourist commodity and Moslem food exhibitions enrich the content of the festival and bring benefit to Yinchuan’s economy. 

Hua'er Meeting
Hua'er is a popular type of folk songs widely spread in West China, especially in Qinghai and Ningxia areas. Yinchuan will hold the event annually during May to June. People from near and far climb hills and sing together. They sit on grassland and improvise songs which are full of life, joy and creativity. That is also an excellent occasion for young people. It is the folk love songs that reveal their affections and make the match for young companions.  

Eid-ul-Fitr (The Feast of Fast Breaking)
Date: October 1st of the Moslem calendar
It is the celebration which marks the end of Ramadan for Muslims. September on the Moslem calendar is the Islam Ramadan, the month of fast, when people cannot eat or drink between sunrise and sunset. After an entire month, on October 1st, everybody dresses up to celebrate the Feast of Fast Breaking by visiting friends and relatives, exchanging gifts, worshiping in mosques, or making traditional meals, and some will hold wedding ceremonies on the festival.

Eid-ul-Adhia (Corban Festival)
Date: December 10th of the Moslem calendar (70 days after the Feast of Fast Breaking)
It is the celebration which takes place after the completion of the pilgrimage Hajj. The first ten days of December of the Moslem calendar is the period when Muslims pilgrim to Mekka. On the last day, December 10th, they perform a grand celebration by going to mosques, calling on friends, as well as killing cattle and sheep to feed their guests or present to each other as gifts.

Milad-un-Nabi (The Celebration of the Birth of Prophet Muhammad)
Date: March 12th of the Moslem calendar
Muslims gather to pray in congregation on this day. This anniversary festival is to reflect and glorify Muhammad, the founder of Islam, who was born on March 12th of the Moslem calendar. It was said that the Prophet Muhammad is dead at the same day. So the day is also called the 'holy death anniversary'.

Local Highlights
Yinchuan was famous as a fertile land since long time ago in the far north of China and blooming orchards were found everywhere at the foot of Helan Mountain. Nowadays, the reputation of Lake City in western China is attached to this ancient capital city. Wetland makes one tenth of Yinchuan's total land area. Lakes around the city like pearls add more elegance to this famous city. 

Ninghxia is the hometown of Hui ethnic minority and Yinchuan is a perfect place to experience authentic Moslem customs that are well showcased by mosques, Moslem wedding ceremonies, local snack and Moslem festivals. 

West Xia Dynasty was once a powerful ethnic regime established by Dangxia minority in history. It lasted nearly two hundred year and left numerous cultural and historic relics with its capital, Yinchuan, which are also best evidence to show its unique civilization combining cultures from the west, Central China and grassland.

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