Yantai Nightlife

The nightlife of Yantai, a beautiful port city, doesn't have the dazzle of a modern metropolis, but has its own unique glamour. The locals prefer strolling along the beach enjoying the caress from the tender sea breeze. In a sense, this kind of simple nightlife conveys feelings of romance and leisure. If you want to have a good understanding of the citizens of Yantai, go to Haibin (Seashore) Square, as a lot of people go walking there. You could also go to some night markets like the ones near the Zhenhua Shopping Center (in South Avenue, Zhifu District). Usually the night market is bustling with noise and excitement and you can buy various snacks. Additionally, there are some entertainment venues open at night, such as bars, cafes, cinemas and Internet bars. The Internet bars are numerous and can be found in many streets and lanes.


Everyone has his or her own way of relaxing. Some people, especially after a busy day, like relaxing in a bar, sipping wine and listening to melodious light music. In Yantai, however, the bars are not so numerous. Among them, two are recommended. Hereunder are their addresses.

2046 Bar
Full of passion, this is a bar with a very special name.
Location: Sima Road (near the Zhenhua Commercial Building)

Red Fox
The daily schedule of this bar consists of meal time, coffee time and bar time. During the day, you can have a meal there. After dinner, it serves coffee for the customers. At night is the bar time.
Location: No.210 South Avenue, Zhifu District


Some people would prefer to go to a café. Though China is not the home of coffee, some Chinese people are beginning to relish it. Actually, drinking a cup of pure coffee is pleasant. 

U.B.C. Coffee
This is a coffee shop chain with an elegant environment and a high standard of service.
Beima Branch
Location: No.60 Beima Road
Jiefang Branch
Location: No.170 Jiefang Road

Mingtien Coffee Language
It covers 600 square meters. Apart from coffee, it also serves western food.
Location: No.51 Shifu Street


In general, the cost of a cinema ticket in Yantai is CNY15 to 20. Hereunder is information on several recommended cinemas.

Empire of Film
This cinema opened in Yantai in 2005. With a large area, many projection booths and advanced facilities, it soon attracted large audiences. Here you can choose from five of the latest movies to watch. Tickets are half-price on Tuesday and the cinema shows children's movies on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
Location: On the fourth floor of Jiulong Street (a commercial place), at the junction of the Xingfu Road and Middle Xingfu Road) (Bus route: No.8, 18, 42 and get off at the Jiulong Street Bus Stop)

Yidu Cinema
This is an old cinema. Though the facilities are quite satisfactory, they are a little dated. It lost many customers after the opening of the 'Empire of Film'. However, in January 2007, it was redecorated and now its business is also brisk.
Location: No.124 West Avenue, Zhifu District
Bus route: No.6 and get off at the Darunfa Supermarket

Da Guangming Cinema
Similar to the Yidu Cinema, it's a family cinema in Yantai.

Location: No. 6 Lifeng Street, Zhifu District

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Questions & Answers on Nightlife in Yantai
Asked by Mr.jerick sky from CHINA | Apr. 25, 2011 06:40Reply
my friends and i are planning to go to yantai city. we want to see the nightlife there. somebody told us that there's also a club88 there. can you give us the address or may be the exact location of the bar.

Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Alina | Apr. 26, 2011 01:08

You can find club88 at Jiefang Lu, Zhifu District, Yantai City.
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