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Located on Jiaodong Peninsula (Shandong Peninsula), the beautiful islands and seashores of Yantai always make a deep impression on visitors. Especially, when summer comes, the breeze wafts from the sea, and the hills become ornamented with a sea of wildflowers. All these natural things make the city more charming and also create many famous attractions for visitors. Here are some suggestions of things to see.

Attractions in the City Proper

The Changyu Wine Culture Museum is located on Liuma Road, Zhifu District. Having about thirty years' history, the museum shows the development of the Changyu wine and provides visitors a good place to learn wine knowledge and taste wine. 

 Kongdong Island

Located at the central district of Zhifu District, this island was built on Kongdong Island. Facing the city, it is 10.08 kilometers (6.26 miles) away from the city and is shaped like the letter "T". As one of top things to do in Yantai, this scenic area is surrounded by a series of small islands. Among those islands, are the distinctive Turtle and Crane islands.
How to get there: From the port at the north end of the Shengli Road take the boat to Kongdong Island.

 The Tour of Bus No.17

The Bus No.17 is a sightseeing bus, which goes along the Binhai Road and passes many attractions. Among them, the Changyu Wine Culture Museum, the First Bathing Beach, the Crescent Bay and the Second Bathing Beach are quite famous. Additionally, the Yantaishan Scenic Area is located just near the Changyu Wine Museum and can easily be visited.

The bus first passes the Changyu Wine Museum. In 1892, the Changyu Wine Company, which is the largest wine production base in China, even in Asia, was set up by the merchant Zhang Bishi. Today's Changyu Wine Museum was built in 1992 at the old site of Changyu Wine Company. In it many different kinds of wines can be tasted. After visiting this museum, the Yantaishan Scenic Area can be visited. This area is centred around the base of the Yantaishan Mountain. Because the name of Yantai comes from this mountain, this scenic area has become a symbol of this city. The mountain is 53 meters (170 feet) above sea level with the sea on the three sides. Seen from a distance, lush trees grow on it and the antique architecture dots among them. From its peak a good view of the whole city can be seen.

The bus then passes the First Bathing Beach, the Crescent Bay and the Second Bathing Beach. The two bathing beaches are open to the public. There the beautiful seaside scenery can be enjoyed,

 The Tour of Bus No.58

The Bus No.58 passes by the Tashan Scenic Area, the Nanshan Park and the Yuhuangding Park. Bus No.3, 23 or 45 also pass the Nanshan Park and the Yuhuangding Park.

The Tashan Scenic Area was built on the Tashan Mountain. This scenic area is famous for its strong religious atmosphere. Buddhist architecture, like the Taiping Nunnery, Sanhe Tower and the Guanyin Pavilion, were built on this mountain. Nanshan Park, which was built around Nanshan Mountain is located in the central area and many locals go there for leisure activities. The next stop is Yuhuangding Park whose green area accounts for over 50% of this park.

Attractions outside the City Proper

Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area
Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area

Penglai Pavilion Scenic Area is in Penglai, on the north end of the Jiaodong Peninsula. In the ancient times, this place was called "fairy land" because the mirage (optical illusion caused by hot air conditions, esp. that of a sheet of water seeming to appear in the desert or on a hot road) appears very often there. There the Penglai Pavilion, the Ancient Ship Museum and the Penglai Water City can be seen.

 Yangma Island

Yangma Island is located in the middle of Yellow Sea, 5.6 miles north of Muping District and 18.6 miles east of Yantai. Owing to its beautiful sea scenery and pleasant climate, it enjoys the fame of ‘Oriental Hawaii’.

In 219 BC, the first Chinese Emperor, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, passed by the island and was impressed by the flourishing grasses and thousands of galloping horses. Therefore, he regarded the island as a valuable land with a good geomantic omen, and ordered some persons to raise imperial horses here. That is why the island is named Yangma Island (An island for raising horses).

Tianma Square is the first thing that comes into view surrounded by verdant conifers and bright flowers. A gigantic white horse sculpture stands before a 50-meter (164 feet) high iron tower, which is the landmark building on the island. Inside are strikingly true to life jade carvings of the twelve Chinese horoscope animals.

The beauty of the island owes much to the natural beauty of the azure immensity of sea. In front of the island, the sea is broad and peaceful, while craggy reefs spread all over the back of the island and waves thunder upon the shore. In the east, the clean sea water and fine sand make it an excellent bathing beach. To the west, the deep and peaceful sea water makes it a natural harbor. The luxuriant greenery and rolling hills give a pretty look to the tranquil island. Moreover, the island is prolific in the production of holothurians, abalone, scallops, oysters, swan’s eggs and prawns.

The accommodation and amusement facilities are excellent. Both star-rated hotels and home inns can be found on the island. Besides, some large entertainment complex including a racecourse, a golf course and an Open-air spa can also be found. If one is eager to enjoy the village life, some villages such as Zhangjiazhuang Village and Tuozi Village are the best destination.
Transportation to the island:
From Yantai Long-distance General Bus Station or Bus Station on Qingnian Road, visitors can take local public bus line 61 or 62 to reach Muping Bus Station in about 35 minutes. From this bus station, one can take Muping – Yangma Island Special Bus Line, which runs from 06:00 to 18:00. The bus fare for the special line is CNY2 and the interval is around 25 minutes.

Besides, bus 610, starting from the Pacific Ocean Square of Muping District, can also take travelers to Yangma Island. The ticket price is CNY2 and the duration is around 45 minutes.

 Changdao Island

The Changdao Island Scenic Area, situated in the Changdao County, Yantai, includes the Fujiao Park, the Jiuzhangya Scenery Spot, the Crescent Bay Scenic Spot and the Forest Sea Park. Furthermore, some special festivals are held there annually, such as the Fishing Culture Day and the Sun Day.
How to get there: Take the boat to Changdao Island in Penglai. The boat departs from 06:30 to 17:30 at 40 or 50 minute intervals.

Yantai is a glamorous city with many attractions. The scenic areas that have been mentioned are really only one part of them. In order to have a memorable visit, pre-planning is recommended. The picturesque views will not disappoint visitors.

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Questions & Answers on Yantai Attractions
Asked by Abid | Aug. 17, 2019 20:03Reply
Yantai Europark ticket price
Hi, I will be visiting that city this week, can you please share ticket price of europark and other interesting places, thanks in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Perry from USA | Aug. 19, 2019 20:11

Do you mean Wencheng Castle? The ticket fare is CNY80. You can read this page or type keyword in this website to find some attractions you are interested in.
Asked by Cathy from USA | May. 23, 2019 21:32Reply
Can you take a high speed train from Yantai to Beijing? How long does it take?
Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from USA | May. 26, 2019 19:52

Yes, it takes around 5-6 hours.
Asked by CHAN YOOT FOON from MALAYSIA | Feb. 26, 2019 05:23Reply
Penglai place of interest
Hi , I am staying in yantai. can you suggest a day trip to penglai area and transportation to get to those area

Answers (1)
Answered by Chaya from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 28, 2019 22:52

From Yantai to Penglai, take direct coach from Yantai General Bus Station to Penglai. There are many schedules every day. The Penglai Scenic Area is large. A lot of attractions inside. You can tour around Longwang (Dragon King) Palace, Tianhou Palace, Penglai Pavilion, Ancient Ships Museum, Heping Square and Tianhengshan Park.
Asked by Oliver from AMERICA | Apr. 29, 2018 18:53Reply
I'd like to catch a ferry out to Changdao Island to bird watch. First.
Where do I get the ferry in Penglai to get out to Changdao? Second, which parts of Changdao are best for bird watching?

Thanks for the help!
Answers (1)
Answered by Aaron from CANADA | May. 04, 2018 02:26

You can take the direct ferry from Penglai Port. As I know, the ferry schedules are 06:00 to 19:30 with the frequency of around half an hour. Generally speaking, the whole island are recommended parts for bird watching.
Asked by Wilson Cheng from MALAYSIA | Apr. 08, 2018 02:01Reply
More detailed info on tour bus no. 17 and 58 in Yantai
Hi TCG staff,
For bus no.17 and 58 pls provide the following info:
1. Bus pick up and drop off points.
2. Bus fare
3. Duration of bus tours
4. Any brief stopovers at major scenic spots

Thank you for your assistance.
Answers (2)
Answered by Steven from GERMANY | Apr. 08, 2018 22:41

Bus 17 runs between North Square of YT Train Station and SD Business Institute, and it’s available from 5:30 to 22:00. The bus takes about 70mins for a single trip and the fare is no more than 2.5yuan. Attractions like Geological Museum, Moon Bay, and Haichang Fisherman Wharf are on the way.

Bus 58 is between North Suqare of YT Train Station and Shijiatuan, and it’s available from 6:00 to 22:00. The fare is also no more than 2.5 and it takes about 70mins for a single trip. Attractions like Nanshan Park, Yuhuangding Park and Tashan Scenic Area can be reached by the bus.
Answered by Wilson Cheng from MALAYSIA | Apr. 09, 2018 01:48

Hi Stevens
Thanks for the inputs.
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