Kashgar Weather

Located in the middle of Central Asia and away from the sea, Kashgar belongs to temperate continental arid climate, hence Kashgar weather is dry in general and the four seasons have distinct differences. The precipitation is rare all year round with the annual average rainfall of only 61.5 mm (2.5 in). The average temperature of a year is 11.8 ℃ (53 ℉). January is the coldest month with an average temperature of -6 ℃ (21 ℉) and the hottest month is July with an average temperature of 26 ℃ (79 ℉). Also, there is large annual and diurnal temperature difference. Due to the difference of the terrain, the climate of each region is also a little bit different from each other.

Best Time to Visit Kashgar

From August to October, Kashgar weather becomes cool and most fruits are ripe. So most travelers choose to tour Kashgar in this period. Tourists can not only see the most fascinating natural beauty of the place, but also taste the freshest fruits like grapes and melons.

Kashgar Climate – Seasons & Travel Guide

Spring (Apr. – May.)

Spring in Kashgar is bright and comfortable. But sometimes sandstorm and float dust occur. So remember to wear mask when going out. As for clothes, windbreaker, jacket, trench coat, thin sweater are suggested.
Kashgar Old Town with hundreds years of history is located in the center of the city which shows visitors the most typical Kashgar and Uygur culture. Most architectures there are in Islamic and Uygur style. Walking along the street, tourists may feel like touring a place in Central Asia. And the movie “The Kite Runner” was shot there. Id Kah Mosque in the center of the old town is one of the biggest mosques in China. The architectures are magnificent in strong ethnic style. Plenty of people come to pray every day. It is of great religious atmosphere.

Summer (Jun. – Aug.)

Summer is hot but the extremely scorching days do not last long. Tourists can wear summer clothes like shirts, dress in the daytime but it is better to add a coat at night.
Stone City on Pamirs Plateau is a famous ancient city of 2,000 years’ history on ancient Silk Road. The castle is built on a high hill, so the terrain is very dangerous. Some outside city walls have been broken and inside the city the stones are piled up irregularly, forming the amazing scenic spot. Mount Muztagata is covered with snow all year round and is one of the mountains climbers want to conquer. Besides, the Karakuri Lake at the foot of the mountain is a grassland where tourists can pay a visit. Khunjerab Pass is the only road connecting China and Pakistan where stands the China-Pakistan No. 7 boundary marker and the National Gateway.

Autumn (Sep. – Oct.)

In autumn, Kashgar weather is comfortable and suitable for travel. Tourists can wear sportswear and thin sweater in the day. But considering the large temperature difference between day and night, they are also suggested to bring thick clothes like windbreaker for night.
Jinhu Yang National Forest Park is famous for the tens of thousands of acres of poplar forests along Yarkant River. Every autumn, the luxuriant yellow poplar trees are reflected on the water surface, attracting most tourists to take pictures. After entering the scenic area, travelers will pass a suspension bridge over the lake. There is also fishing garden, ecological swimming pool, agritainment and a hotel.

Winter (Nov. – Mar.)

Winter is not very cold but long. Since the temperature is not very cold during the day, trench coat, sweater and winter pants are enough. But at night when the temperature drops below 0℃ (32 ℉), a downcoat or padded overcoat is necessary.
First built in about 1640, Abakh Khoja Tomb is representative Islamic ancient architectural complex where buried a family of five generations. The tomb is like a magnificent palace composed of gate tower, chapel temples, scripture hall and the main tomb. Three Immortals Buddhist Caves is in a cliff by a river. The three caves are about 20 meters (65.5 feet) above the ground with murals on the wall and Buddha statue in it, which shows the artistic technique of Ancient Kashgar People. If you wanna buy some specialties, Kashgar Bazaar is definitely worth visiting. It is an international trade center with a history of 2,000 years. Tourists can buy more than 9,000 kinds of domestic and international merchandise like handicrafts from Pakistan, scarves from Turkey, telescope of Kyrgyzstan, etc.
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