Nine Dragons Waterfalls (Jiulong Waterfalls)

The Nine Dragons Waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls, are located in Yidule Village, about 22 kilometers (14 miles) from the northeast of Luoping, Qujing. The whole waterfall scenic area, 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) long, looks like a silver dragon winding through the green mountains. The waterfalls are well-known for their grandeur and imposing appearance.

Nine Dragons Waterfalls, Qujing
Nine Dragons Waterfalls, Qujing

There is a legend about the name of the waterfalls. Once upon a time, Luoping was a vast ocean. Nine black dragons and a white dragon fought for a long time to occupy the ocean. The white dragon died first and eight of the black ones gradually settled down in different areas. The last black dragon behaved badly to harm the life of the local people, so the Wind and Rain Generals as well as Thunder Gods punished the dragon by chopping its habitat into three steeply phased pools. The highest one is Nine Dragons Waterfall today. The waterfalls drop hundreds of meters in altitude over the watercourse. Due to the terrain and the effects of many years of erosion, ten waterfalls of various sizes have formed at nine different levels. It is known as “Nine Dragons, Ten Waterfalls”. These falls change according to the seasons. In summer and autumn, they are most magnificent and beautiful. Many shallow eddies and clear deep pools are formed by the cascading waters, sparkling with color in the bright sunshine. 

The grandest No. 1 waterfall is 114 meters (125 yards) wide and deafens the ears with its roar as it drops 56 meters (184 feet), taking on the shape of an arch. Seen from a gigantic rock beside it, water from this fall seems to dash down to earth from heaven. There is a 10 meters (11 yards) deep cave behind it and an unfathomable pool under it. Other waterfalls are very mild, falling gently and even wafting in the wind. Upstream from the ten waterfalls stands the mountaintop. Together they form a charming, pastoral panorama. From a platform near the peak, tourists can get a bird’s-eye view of the Nine Dragons Waterfalls and the stunning mountain scenery.

 What else to see and enjoy:

Buyi Minority People
Buyi Minority People

1. Luoping is considered the Home to Rape Flowers. If you go there during the end of February and mid March, the views of both the waterfalls and the rape flowers cannot be missed.
2. Nine Dragons Waterfalls Festival is held annually on September 16th. During the festival, apart from appreciating the grandeur of the waterfalls, thousands of people will sing Buyi minority folk songs; collections of Nine Dragons culture will be displayed and there is a Strange Stone Exhibition.
3. The local minority traditional festivals, such as Buyi Water Splashing Festival on the third day of the third lunar month, Torch Festival on the twenty-fourth day of the sixth lunar month, and so-called Antiphonal Festival on the second day of the second lunar month, are also the highlights.
4. Visitors usually spend two days in Luoping: a day to appreciate the rape flowers and the other day on Nine Dragons Waterfalls and Duoyi River Scenic Area. 

 Accommodation Recommendation:

There is a Carp Mountain Resort (Liyushan Resort) in the scenic area, convenient for relaxing, entertaining and sightseeing. Nearby there are many farmers’ houses, where you can also stay overnight.

 How to get there:

From Kunming East Bus Station, there are many buses to Luoping from 7:00 to 18:20 every 40 minutes. Upon arrival, walk to the parking lot south of Luoping Bus Station, you can take a bus to Banqiao within 30 minutes at a cost of CNY 5 per person. Then take a minivan to get to the waterfalls in 20 minutes at a cost of CNY 5.

Ticket Price CNY 95 for entry; CNY 30 for one-way cable car, CNY 50 for round-trip cable car.
Opening Hours 8:00-18:00
Recommended Visiting Duration Three hours

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Questions & Answers on Nine Dragons Waterfalls (Jiulong Waterfalls)
Asked by Karen from SINGAPORE | Oct. 09, 2016 19:18Reply
Bus from Kunming to Luoping, how long is the bus journey?
Noted the train journey takes some 6 hrs...
Answers (1)
Answered by Patrick from MEXICO | Oct. 09, 2016 21:31

Frequent buses are arranged at Kunming Eastern Bus Station to Luoping. They are available during 07:00 - 18:20. It takes around 4 hours, shoter than train.
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