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Yunnan Qujing Map

Qujing Facts:

Chinese Name: 曲靖 (qū jìng)
Located in eastern Yunnan Province, Qujing is the headstream where the largest river in South China, the Pearl River initiates. It is bordered by Guizhou and Guangxi provinces in the east. The capital city of the province, Kunming lies about 130 kilometers (81 miles) west to it.

Population: 5,756,600
Area: 28,904 square kilometers (11,160 square miles)
Nationalities: Han, Yi, Miao
Administrative Division: 1district (Qilin); 7 counties (Malong, Zhanyi, Fuyuan, Luoping, Shizong, Luliang, Huize); 1 county-level city (Xuanwei)
Seat of the city government: No.78, Wenchang Street Qilin District, Qujing City

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0874-96927
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184
Bank of China: Qilin Road (East), Qilin District
China Post: No.183, Qilin Road (South), Qilin District

Attractions - Things to Do

Luoping is a small county at the convergence of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. Flourishing rape flowers in vast rape fields are the most charming scene in Luoping. It is an ever ideal attraction for photographers. Usually, the Rape Flower Tourism Festival is held around February, 21st. Jinji Peak in northeast of Luoping County is recommended as the best perspective to catch the enthralling pictures of the rape flower field. 

 Nine Dragons Waterfalls are consisted of ten tiers of waterfalls in 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) long reaches of the Jiulong River with a fall of more than a hundred meters (328 feet) in total. It ranks among the six most beautiful waterfalls in China and is reputed as the most spectacular waterfall group as well. 

 Other Scenic Spots: Duoyi River, Lubuge Mini Three Gorges, Beipanjiang Bridge 

Nine Dragon Waterfall
Nine Dragon Waterfall, Luoping County
Colorful Sands Forest
Colorful Sands Forest, Luliang County

How to Get to Qujing

It is about two hours' drive from Qujing city proper to Kunming. From the Dongju Passenger Transport Bus Station in Dongjiao Road of downtown Kunming, there are buses to Luoping leaving once an hour. Qujing Gaokuai Passenger Transport Bus Station is located in No.65, Jiaotong Road. Passenger Transport Bus Station stands in No1, Jiaotong Road, Qilin Garden (Qilin Huayuan).



The region enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate, and the weather is temperate and pleasurable throughout the year. The average temperature in coldest January and hottest July are respectively 14 and 19 degree centigrade (57.2 and 66.2 degree Fahrenheit). Due to the high altitude, climatic types ranging from the lower subtropic to north temperate all can be found in the city. Thanks to the temperate weather, this place is an all-year-round destination. Notable is that March to October is the period in Yunnan celebrations and festivals of ethnic minorities are densely held, and it is also the pomp season of flowers and fruits. But May to October is the rainy season in Yunnan. Umbrella and warm clothes are the prime priorities.

Qujing Travel Tips

Water wheel, ancient farming tool
Water wheel, ancient farming tool

 History: The Five-Chi Road (Wuchidao) in the city was the earliest pass opened during the Qin (221BC-206BC) and Han (206BC-220AD) dynasties to linking the transportation in and around Yunnan. By the western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), county has been established in this area. In the following five hundred years after the Western Jin Dynasty (265-316) set up prefecture to administrate the region, Qujing was always the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan.

 Physical Features: The terrain here is mainly made up of mountains, hills and plain or basins in plateau. Karst landform also has distribution in the city. Its overall terrain declines from northeast to southwest. It has an average altitude of 2,000 meters (6,562 feet). The vertex of the city is the Guniu Stockade (Guniuzhai) in its Huize County.

 Local Highlights: traditional festivals of the local ethnic minorities, such as the Torch Festival, folk song festival 

 Special Local Products: Xuanwei ham, dried beef, edible fungi

local people in ethnic costume
Fruit vendors from local ethnic groups
traditional musical band
Local minority people welcome visitors

 Recommended Tour Itinerary:
Hiking Tours: Information about hiking in Qujing for your reference

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Questions & Answers on Qujing Travel
Asked by SB Lim from SINGAPORE | Oct. 01, 2017 06:43Reply
May I know public bus details to get to Luoping from Puzhehei?
Answers (1)
Answered by Felicia from DENMARK | Oct. 11, 2017 21:01

I just know only one bus leaves from Puzhehei back to Luoping, but forget the schedule. You may go to the Tourist Service Center for consultation. By the way, the journey can be 5h and the fare is CNY40 or so.
Asked by Apek from IRELAND | Jun. 22, 2015 02:26Reply
Anyone know where I can find a good detailed english map of Quijng?
Hi everyone,
to download or at a physical location somewhere ?

thanks for any help, Apek
Answers (1)
Answered by Frank from UAE | Jun. 22, 2015 22:06

It is hard to find such a detailed English map. The best choice for you is to use the google map. Have a try.
Asked by Gogo from SPAIN | Mar. 02, 2015 11:07Reply
Luoping visit
Hi everybody, i would like to ask is it posible to visit Golden Rooster Hills spot Jinjilin, Shiwandashan and Luositian from Luoping, i would like to visit it in middle day and at afternoon take bus or train to Kunming, you think is posible? there is any kind of motorickshaws or tuk tuks to take?
thenk you very much and best regards
Answers (3)
Answered by Shasha | Mar. 04, 2015 19:43

Hello there. To use public transportation, half a day is too tight to cover the thress scenic spot and go back to Kunming. If you don't mind, I suggest you spend half an hour at Jinjilin and Luositian. Stay in Luoping for a night and visit the Shiwandashan in the next morning. Then go back to Luoping city to catch a bus at Luoping Bus Station or a train at Luoping Train Station to Kunming.

If you really wanna go back to Kunming in the same day, to tour these attraction by hiring a car and then ask the driver to take you to Luoping to take a bus or train to Kunming.
Answered by Gogo from SPAIN | Mar. 05, 2015 04:46

Hello Sasha, thank you for your answer, i think i not explain me good, my idea is came to Luoping night before the visit,sleep and day after in the sunrise and during morning visit Jinjilin, Golden Rooster and Shiwandashan at afternoon take bus or train to Kunming, you thing is that posible?
thank you over again and best regards
Answered by Cora from GERMANY | Mar. 05, 2015 20:25

Yes, it's possible for you. Stay in Luoping for one night and start off in the next early morning. Then take a bus or train to Kunming at afternoon. In this way, you will have enough time.
Asked by Ms.FRANCINE | Jan. 12, 2014 19:11Reply
Can anyone help me with details of the bus from Qujing to Luliang Colorful Sand Forest in Yunnan?
Taxi details would also be helpful.

Also nearby accommodation if possible.

Thank you,
Answers (3)
Answered by Julie from USA | Jan. 12, 2014 20:13

From QJ, you can find the direct buses to Luliang first from Dazhuangwan Bus Station. From Luliang Pedestrian Street, you can find frequent buses for the colorful sand forest.

The Shengbang Hotel on Xihua Road near the Xihua Park in Luliang is suggested.
Answered by Francine | Jan. 13, 2014 19:15

I am going to arrive via train in Qujing at 8.30pm.

I hope to go immediately to the Shengbang Hotel on Xihua Road near the Xihua Park in Luliang.

Can anyone help me with details of how I can book this hotel? Cost?

How long will it take to get there via taxi? Expected cost?

Thanks in advance, Francine
Answered by Julie from USA | Jan. 14, 2014 02:15

For booking the hotel, it is suggested to book through tour agency, because it is hard for you to book in such a small place. I think you may try to book with TravelChinaGuide.
I heard the price for the hotel is around 250 to 280RMB per night.
The taxi takes about one hour, but for the taxi fare, it is hard to, because the hotel is in another different place. I just can tell that the price is not low.
Asked by Tania from CHINA | Jan. 02, 2013 06:49Reply
How do I get to sand forest and nine dragon waterfall?
I would like to visit Sand Forest and nine dragon waterfall. I am a solo traveller. How do I get to Sand Forest from Kunming?
Answers (1)
Answered by Selina | Jan. 03, 2013 00:56

When go to the Sand Forest, you can take bus from Kunming East Bus Station to Luliang first, then transfer to the local minibus to Sand Forest Scenic area. When go to the Nine Dragon Waterfall, you can take bus from the East Bus Station to Luoping first, then transfer to local bus to get to the scenic area.
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