Qujing Hiking Tours

Qujing01: 7 Days Luoping - Jinji Mountain (Gold Cock Peak Mountain) - Nine Dragon Water Fall - Lubuge Three Gorge - Duoyi River - Lazhe - Stone Forest - Kunming

On the first day, take coach from Kunming Bus Station to Luoping. Luoping is 230km away from Kunming and the driving takes about 4 hours. Stay overnight at the local hotel.

On the second day, from Luoping County, walking to the east for about 12km along the national highway No. 324, you will arrive at the Jinji Mountain. Enjoy the sea of rape flowers. Continue to trek 8 kilometers to view the Jiulong Water Fall. Stay overnight in tent.

On the third day, trek 10 kilometers to Nine Dragon Water Fall. It locates on the Nine Dragon River. On the river of 4km, the fall is over one hundred meters. The most splendid "No. 1 waterfall of the Nine Dragon River" is 60 meters high. After that, trek to Lubuge Three Gorge. Stay overnight in tent.

On the fourth day, trek in Lubuge Three Gorge and visit the Lubuge Power Plant. Stay overnight at the local hotel.

On the fifith day, trek to visit the Duoyihe River scenic spots (12km) via Xinzhai Village and Bajiaoqing. Then trek to Lazhe Village which is the headstream of Duoyihe River. Stay overnight in the village.

On the sixth day, trek to sightsee in the Stone Forest. Return to Kunming by bus.

Leave Kunming according to your schedule on the last day.

Qujing02: 12 Days Kunming - Gongshan - Qiqi - Dongshaofang - Sandui - Bapo - Maku - Moon Waterfall - Maku - Bapo - Kongdang - Gongshan - Kunming

On the first day, take coach from Kunming Xiyuan Bus Station to Gongshan. There is a direct sleeper coach from Kunming to Gongshan at 18:00 everyday. The distance between the two places is 827km and the driving takes about 18 hours.

On the second day, arrive in Gongshan. Have a rest in the afternoon and prepare for the trekking next day. Stay overnight at a local hostel.

On the third day, trek 17km from Gongshan to Qiqi which is a protection station of a natural reserve. On the way, you can enjoy the thick virgin forest of subtropical zone, the azalea forest, the waterfall, the old tree of thousand years, the cliff and the valley. Stay overnight at the Qiqi protection station.

On the fourth day, trek 13km from Qiqi to Dongshaofang which is a posthouse for people and horses. Today, you will walk in the national natural reserve for the whole day. You can see the brushwood and the pasture on the mountain. Stay overnight in the camp.

On the fifth day, trek 15km from Dongshaofang to Sandui. Sandui is a name of a place in the virgin forest on the Gaoligong Mountain. Along the way, you can visit the entrance of the snow mountain of Gongshan, overlook the Biluo Snow Mountain, the Dandanglika Mountain, the Nanmowang Mountain and so on. The snow mountain, the spring, the lake, the old and odd trees, the sea of forest on the way is the resort for photographing. Stay overnight in the camp.

On the sixth day, trek 15km from Sandui to Bapo where the government of Dulongjiang Village locates. The trekking today is relatively easy. You can visit a local family upon your arrival at Bapo. Stay overnight at local hostel.

On the seventh day, trek 22km from Bapo to Maku village. On the way, enjoy the beautiful landscape along the both sides of Dulong River, the unique geographical environment, the green Gaoligong Mountain and the Dandanglika Mountain, the quiet stream and the billowy Dulong River. In the evening, you can go to visit the local family in the village. Stay overnight in the village.

On the eigth day, walk to visit the Moon Waterfall (also named the Hapang Waterfall). The round way is 16km. Enjoy the natural beauty when you walk in the virgin forest. Stay overnight in Maku Village.

On the ninth day, trek from Maku back to Bapo.

On the tenth day, trek 18km from Bapo to Kongdang Village. Trek to the north along the valley of Dolong River. Visit the Dandanglika Viring Forest. Stay overnight in Kongdang Village.

On the eleventh day, take bus for about 6 hours back to Gongshan. Gongshan is 96km away from Kongdang. If you prefer to hike back to Gongshan, you need 3 to 4 days.

On the last day, drive back to Kunming from Gongshan.