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4 Days of Lijiang - Shuhe Ancient Town - Yushui Village - Yongsheng County - Liude Tomb Forest - Chenghai Lake - Soil Forest - Yongsheng County - Lingquanqing - Lijiang
Shuhe Ancient Town, north of Lijiang
Shuhe Ancient Town, your first destination on the first day, is located 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) north of Lijiang. Walk along the wide asphalt road to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and turn left at the fingerpost. Move forward for another 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) and you will see the buildings there. It will take you about 1 hour to get there. Interesting fact: Shuhe has a longer history than Lijiang and is more pristine. The entrance ticket will cost CNY30. Be sure to stop at the prettiest area in the vicinity of Qinglong Bridge. Nearby Tea-House Ancient Road Museum is also worth a visit. Continue to walk north and you will get to Baisha after about 10-kilometer (6.2 miles) walking. Take a minibus at the entrance of Baisha Old Town. Go to visit Yushui Village Scenic Area. The admission fee is CNY50. You will have a chance to view the so-called "Castalia" - Shenlongsandie Water and a one-thousand-year-old maple. Do not miss the Dongba Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall inside to learn more about Dongba Culture. Back to Lijiang with an overnight stay. Gudefang Tavern is recommended (Add: No. 18 Dongyue Lane, Beimen Slope, Lijiang; Tel: 0888-8881654).
On your second day, take a coach to Yongsheng County at Lijiang Central Passenger Station at a price of CNY20. The coach departs every 30 minutes and it will take you about 2.5 hours to get there. Upon arrival at Yongsheng, take a minibus to Liude Country. It will charge you CNY2 and you may spend half an hour on the minibus. Walk to Yunshan Village and climb up the hillside east of the highway. Hike along an ancient post road, pass by mountain villages and fields and you will reach the Liude Tomb Forest after an hour. Tens of thousands of ancient tombs, steles and youth shacks are impressive indeed. There is no admission fee. Do not miss the site of an ancient town in the south of the Tomb Forest. After visiting the Liude Tomb Forest, walk back to Liude Country and charter a car to Chenghai Lake. After 30-40 minutes' driving, you will get to the lake. You do not need to pay for the entrance ticket. The best site to have an overall view of the Chenghai Lake is at the junction of Liangeyakou. Stay overnight here. The health food, especially the anchovies and the spirulina are worth a taste.
Chenghai Lake
On the morning of the third day, stroll along the lake to enjoy the patches of terrace and villages. You may hire a boat to row and explore in the lake. After lunch, go back to Yongsheng County by car. Get off at Liangguan Town and have a visit at Soil Forest. Covering an area of about 10 acres, this soil forest was formed in a macroseism. There is only one entrance, so you will not get lost. A moon cropland nearby might also capture your interest. Go back to Yongsheng County and arrange your accommodation there.

On the fourth day, walk down the highroad to the northeast for 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) and go through a dense mountain village. You will arrive at the Lingyuanqing Scenic Spot. There is no admission charge. This place is famous for the stone figure of Mercy Buddha and a characteristic layout of construction. Go back to Yongsheng in the afternoon and take a minibus back to Lijiang.
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