Yubeng Village

Yubeng Village is a Tibetan village at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain, located about 30 kilometers (19 miles) northeast of Deqin in northwest Yunnan Province. Yubeng Village at an altitude of over 3,000 meters (9,840 feet) is divided between the Upper Yubeng Village and the Lower Yubeng Village. There is only one road linking the village to the outside world and riding a mule or hiking have become the main ways to get to and from it. This is why Yubeng Village is such a great destination for trekking enthusiasts.

Recommended Yubeng Village Trek Route

Day 1: Xidang Entry - Yakou - Upper Yubeng Village

Xidang village is the most popular starting point for Yubeng hiking. From Xidang, it takes about six hours to reach the Upper Yubeng Village China where accommodation is made available by local villagers.

Day 2: Upper Yubeng Village - Base Camp - Ice Lake - Upper Yubeng Village

Remember to get up early to appreciate the spectacle as the“sun shines on the golden mountain”. After breakfast, you can walk from the Upper Yubeng Village for two hours to reach Yakou with an alititude of 3,700 meters (12,140 feet). Then pass through a primitive forest to reach the Base Camp. After a short break, you can proceed to the Ice Lake. However, you should begin your return journey at 14:00 as it takes about 3 hours to get back to Upper Yubeng Village.

Yubeng Village
Upper Yubeng Village
Yubeng in the Morning
"Golden Mountain" in the Morning of Yubeng
 Base Camp: The Base Camp is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and large glaciers. It is the only resting place on the long road to and from the Ice Lake. During the tourist season, local Tibetans sell instant noodles and drinks here.

 Ice Lake: With an altitude of 3,800 meters (12,470 feet), Ice Lake is a dark green lake that is formed by the melting snow water from the Meili Snow Mountain. It is green like emerald, holy and quiet! One side of the Ice Lake is mountains, and the other side are vertical mountain slopes and glaciers which are almost suspended in the air. The blue glaciers and the green lake complement each other, as melt water from the glaciers and snow falls from the cliff constantly replenishing the lake.
Yubeng Hiking Base Camp
Base Camp
Yubeng Ice Lake
Ice Lake

Day 3: Upper Yubeng Village - Lower Yubeng Village - Sacred Waterfall - Upper Yubeng Village

It takes about 3 hours to reach the sacred waterfall from Upper Yubeng Village. On the way, you will pass by Lower Yubeng Village and need to travel through primitive forests and alpine pasture.

 Sacred Waterfall: The Sacred Waterfall is also formed by the melting water from Meili Snow Mountain. The scenery around the waterfall changes with the seasons. The large amount of melting snow water in spring and summer can increase the flow of the waterfall, make it amazing and spectacular. At other times there is just a steady flow of water down the mountains.

It is a holy land in the heart of Tibetans and they bathe under the Sacred Waterfall to clean their souls. One can circulate the waterfall three times in a clockwise direction in accordance with Tibetan tradition to pray for good luck.

Yubeng Village in Yunnan
Lower Yubeng Village
Yubeng Sacred Waterfall
Sacred Waterfall

Day 4: Upper Yubeng Village - Ninong Grand Canyon - Ninong Village Exit

Compared with previous days, today’s trek is easier. The road follows a gentle downhill route and you can see canyons, rivers and meadows and pass through the primitive forest on the way. Finally, you arrive at Ninnong Village via Ninong Grand Canyon and finish your Yubeng Trekking.

Yubeng Trekking
Ninong Grand Canyon
Yubeng Hike
Yubeng Hiking

Kind Reminders:

1. In recent years, avalanches have sometimes occurred in Yubeng Village, so visitors must pay attention to safety. Before departing, pay attention to Yubeng weather forest and take appropriate precautions. 
2. For the sake of safety, it is recommended that you have a local guide to lead the way or trek with companions; it is unwise to travel alone.
3. April to June and September to November are the best times for Yubeng hiking, when Yubeng weather is cool with little rain.

How to Get to Yubeng Village

Take the only long-distance bus that departs at 19:00 every day from Kunming West Bus Station to Deqin County Bus Station. The journey takes around 24 hours and the fare is CNY 258. After arriving in Deqin County, you can take a bus to the Xidang Village that leaves at 15:00 every day or rent a local car.

Admission Fee: CNY 80;
CNY 230 for a combo ticket with Yubeng Village, Moon Bay, Misty Summit, Temple Flying Afar of Meili Snow Mountain

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Asked by J from SINGAPORE | Nov. 08, 2019 02:06Reply
Hiking Yubeng village in December
Hi, is it possible to hike Yubeng village and to the base camp, ice lake and sacred waterfall in December? I’m planning a trip there in December, during Christmas time
Answers (1)
Answered by Selina from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 11, 2019 00:11

December is the tourist off season because there is high chance to expect snow weather in here. Generally speaking, you don't need to worry about the safety problem.
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