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Beipanjiang Bridge

Beipanjiang Bridge is also called Duge Beipanjiang Bridge and the highest bridge in the world. It is built 565 meters (1,850 feet) above the Beipan River Canyon between Guizhou Province and Yunnan Province, used as a section of the Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway.

Beipanjiang Bridge Facts

 Location: between Shuicheng County, Liupanshui City in Guizhou Province and Xuanwei City in Yunnan Province
 Height of Duge Beipanjiang Bridge: 565 meters (1,850 feet), equal to a 200-floor-high skyscraper
 Length: 1,341meters (1,467yd) 
 Length of the main span: 720 meters (787 yd), second only to Russky Island Bridge of all the world’s all suspension bridges
 Beipanjiang Bridge Construction Time: About four years from 2012 to 2016
 Who designed: Peng Yundong, a leading designer of bridges in China, who was also engaged in designing the Qingshui River Bridge, the third highest suspension bridge in the world with the height of 540 meters (1,772 ft)
 Construction Meaning: Shorten the travel time from Liupanshui at one end of the bridge to Xuanwei at the other end from 4 hours to just over an hour

Why the Beipanjiang Bridge is Built so High? 

The main reason is that the surrounding mountains belong to a karst landform covered with limestone, which is brittle and loose. In order to avoid mountain caves and cracking, designers kept moving the bridge higher and higher and finally ended up at 565 meters (1,850 feet) above the canyon. 
In addition, the main piers on both sides of the Duge Beipangjiang Bridge are 269 meters (882 ft) and 247 meters (810 ft) respectively.

Two Ways to Appreciate Beipanjiang Bridge

1. Lots of people park cars at the ends of the bridge, where parking lots are provided, and then walk along either side of the bridge to appreciate its beauty; it’s illegal to park on any part of the bridge. Standing on the bridge, visitors have a wonderful overview of Beipan River Canyon. If you are scared of heights, you’d better not look down for a long time. Visitors are advised to bring along aerial cameras to take aerial photos. 
2. Head to the viewing deck near Duge Town where tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of Beipanjiang Bridge. However, pay close attention to safety because the road to the viewing deck is not in good condition. 

How to Get to Duge Beipanjiang Bridge

It’s highly advised to hire a  car to Duge Beipanjiang Bridge because the bridge is too far away from the downtown area or suburb area, and there are no public transportation going there.
1. First, take a train heading to Liupanshui City or fly to Liupanshui Yuezhao Airport, and then charter a car to Duge Town; it generally takes CNY 100 per person, and sometimes visitors can bargain about the price.
2. After arrival in Duge Town, visitors can transfer another car. Each visitor may pay CNY 20-30 for a single trip to either the bridge or the viewing deck. Generally speaking, it’s better to bargain about the price before you get in the chartered car.
- Last updated on Mar. 01, 2020 -
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