Wenshan Transportation

 Airport Code: WNH

 Location: Located in Yanshan County, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, Wenshan Airport is 23 kilometers (14 miles) away from Wenshan City.

 Brief Intro: Wenshan Airport was built in April, 2004 and formally opened to navigation in August, 2006. It has a runway of 2,400m (2625 yards) and a terminal of 3200 sq m (0.8 acre). As a 4C-grade civil airport, it is capable of handling planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and smaller aircrafts. At present, flights to and from Chengdu, Shenzhen, Kunming and Nanning are available.

 Ticket Office: Airport Ticket Office: inside the terminal building; County Seat Ticket Office: 1st Floor of Jinmeng Hotel, Kaihua Town, Wenshan County

Transportation is conveniently provided at the airport. Shuttle buses between the airport and the other counties in Wenshan are also available.

Long-Distance Bus

There are not any rail routes to Wenshan at present, though there is a railway in southern Yunnan to be built passing though this region. Coaches are the main force of transportation in Wenshan. The Beiqiao Passenger Transport Terminal in Beiqiao Lu has daily buses to Kunming and some places in Guangzi and Guizhou, as well as regular buses to other regions within Wenshan Prefecture. It is easy to find buses heading for many places of the Prefecture, including Puzhehei, Guangnan, Bamei, Babao, Tuoniangjiang, Malipo and Yuxuanhu, etc. Kunming is some 320 kilometers from the county seat of Wenshan, for about 4 to 5 hours.

City Bus

In Wenshan County, there are only ten city bus routes running through streets and lanes. According to different distance, the ticket price is CNY0.5 or 1. To promote the transport to some scenic spots, local government has opened some bus lines there. For example, you can find Bus No.3 in the country seat of Guangnan, which are leaving every one hour to the beautiful Bamei, and the journey only takes you half an hour.

If getting to other places outside of the County, Nanqiao Bus Station mainly offers regular bus routes within the prefecture. 


It is cheap to take a taxi to tour around Wenshan. There are vehicles of Santana and Xiali brands. The flag-down rate for the first 3km (2mi) is CNY5 during the day and CNY7 at night after 22:00. Additional CNY2 is charged for each ride as fuel fee. Traveling within urban area and suburban areas usually costs CNY10-20. For long-distance trips, most drivers don’t use taximeter, so you’d better discuss for a flat rate before departure.

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Questions & Answers on Major Means of Transportation in Wenshan
Asked by Ilya from RUSSIA | Oct. 01, 2019 00:53Reply
Is there a bus to Wenshan from Jianshui or Gejiu?
Answers (1)
Answered by Terry from CANADA | Oct. 09, 2019 01:58

You can take bus from Jianshui Coach station. And it only departs at 7:00 with CNY49.
Asked by SUSANb from CANADA | Aug. 27, 2018 15:11Reply
Can we (2) get a taxi at the Wenshan airport that will take us directly to the border at Hekou Bei?
If so, how much should we expect to pay during the day? Thanks in advance?
Answers (1)
Answered by Diana from FRANCE | Aug. 28, 2018 01:35

I’m afraid you can’t find a taxi since it’s a long distance. Here is my suggestion:
Take a taxi to Wenshan Chengbei Bus Station, and it costs around 40rmb.
Then, take a bus to Hekou and it costs 41rmb for each.
Asked by Laurie from CANADA | Jul. 02, 2018 23:20Reply
Is it cheaper to take a bus from Bamei to Babao than the highspeed train?
Is it worth it to go to Babao?
Answers (1)
Answered by Steve from USA | Jul. 04, 2018 02:21

It seems there is no highspeed train between two places or I just got it wrong. In fact, the scenery of Babao is just similar to the Bamei.
Asked by Yer from USA | Feb. 13, 2018 16:36Reply
What is the best form of transportation from Hekou to Wenshan?
Answers (3)
Answered by John | Feb. 14, 2018 00:31

Direct bus is suggested. You can take one at Hekou Bus Station and the schedules are between 05:20 - 12:50.
Answered by Yer from USA | Feb. 14, 2018 10:37

5:20 am or pm?
Answered by Cecilia | Feb. 25, 2018 19:33

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