Shenxianju Scenic Area

Well known for its mountain sights such as cliffs and waterfalls, Shenxianju Scenic Area in Xianju, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province is said to be the place where the celestial being lives. The area has a large number of naturally-formed waterfalls and deep pools. In addition, the mountains in the area are different than the mountains nearby. The surrounding mountains in Taizhou seem to stretch away endlessly, while the mountains in the Shenxianju Scenic Area are separated and steep-sided as if they were riven by a giant ax.

There are more than 80 scenic sites on the mountains, including Tadpole Rock, General Rock, Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Guanyin Mountain, South Bridge, and many others.

Tadpole Rock

On top of Tadpole Cliff stands Tadpole Rock, whose elevation is more than 875 yards (800 meters). It is flat on the surface, with an area of about 720 square yards (602 square meters). The rock is famous for its mysterious early Chinese tadpole-shaped characters. To this day no one has figured out the meaning of the characters. 

General Rock

Looking like the side view of a rugged human face, the rock is named General Rock. It gets the shape from the textural characteristics of the rocks and the effects of rock collapse and natural weathering. At the same time, with the growth of plants, the rock developed hair, eyebrows as well as a mustache. So why does the general stand here? It is said that he is in love with a beauty and gave up his official position to stay with her and protect her forever.

Sleeping Beauty Mountain

Facing General Rock in the distance, Sleeping Beauty Mountain is in deep sleep. She is the one the general promised to guard. Visitors may appreciate her pretty face with eyebrows formed by pine trees, as well as her elegant sleeping position, including the hands in front of her chest; and the knees slightly curled. It is because of the general's careful guard that she can sleep so peacefully.

Elephant Trunk Waterfall

It is named so because the mountain is shaped like an elephant, and the river seems to spray out from the trunk. The flow is the largest of all the waterfalls in the Shenxianju Scenic Area.

Eleven-Stair Waterfalls

Above Elephant Trunk Waterfall, there are eleven continuous waterfalls with a total drop of about 440 yards (402 meters) and thirteen deep pools of varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, there are some giant salamanders, a 2nd class protection animal in China in the pools. Visitors may take a look if interested.

Celestial Ape with a Peach

Visitors may see a side view of a stone celestial ape's face, under which a rock protrudes suddenly. Together it appears as if a prone ape is offering his peach to a celestial being.

Buddha Peak

Buddha Peak shows the clear shape of Buddha's head. Visitors may catch sight of his hair formed by plants, along with eyes, nose, big ears, and his smiling mouth. Looking kindly, the Buddha seems to be proving that there's nothing to worry about.

Maitreya Buddha Rock

Crossing his legs and sitting among the trees on the cliff, the stone Maitreya Buddha is smiling at visitors. He is enshrined as the God of Wealth, being the symbol of happiness as well as magnanimity. People often learn from his attitude of putting the bad things in life behind and moving forward.

Three Pillar Peak

The three pillars stand together, looking like three friends deciding to be sworn brothers. The one facing visitors resembles the figure of a man.

Guanyin Mountain

Being one of the Bodhisattvas, Guanyin is the symbol of wisdom and benevolence in Buddhism. Guanyin Mountain stand here putting her palms together, looking at people kindly, seeming to be listening to the prayers and helping people solve their problems.

"Tianji Great Wall"

"Tianji" means skyline. Stretching endlessly over the horizon, the mountain ridges appear to be like the Great Wall while the peaks raised are like the beacon towers. If you haven't visited the Great Wall yet, admiring the "Tianji Great Wall" in Shenxianju Scenic Area may lead you feel the grandeur of it in some degree.

South Bridge

The 130-yard (119 meters)-long bridge is built across a valley, which is about 110 yards (100 meters) deep. There is a saying that lovers who pass the bridge together will live a happy life because they have arrived at the shore of bliss. Moreover, visitors can see Guanyin Mountain when looking back from the middle of the bridge. Facing the mountain, putting your palms together devoutly, making wishes in your heart, it is possible that your wishes will come true.


 The scenic area has two gates, leading to the north mountain slope and the south mountain slope. There are free buses traveling between the two gates.
 If you don't want to climb the mountains, there are cableways on the north mountain as well as the south mountain for you to ride in comfort.
 We recommend that you climb the northern slope of the mountain to the top and then take a cableway down the south slope because there are more beautiful sights on the northern slope than on the south.
 Visitors are advised to take water and foods in your backpack as it is not convenient to buy any on the mountains.
 The best time to visit Shenxianju Scenic Area is June-August because the flow of the waterfalls is larger, and visitors may get a more unforgettable impression. On the other hand, coming here in winter is interesting too for the frozen waterfalls look like gleaming jade hanging on the mountains.

How to get to Shenxianju Scenic Area in Taizhou, Zhejiang

 Take bus Taizhou to Xianju at the Taizhou Luqiao Bus Station and get off at Xianju. The first bus is at 08:10 while the last is at 16:45. The buses depart every 40~60 minutes. About CNY 32 is needed. Then take the local bus to Shenxianju Scenic Area.
 Take bus Taizhou to Xianju at the Taizhou Huangyan Bus Station and get off at Xianju. The first bus is at 09:00 while the last is at 17:105. The buses depart every 40~60 minutes. About CNY 30 is needed. Then take the local bus to Shenxianju Scenic Area.

About CNY 10 is needed for the bus from Xianju to Shenxianju Scenic Area. There are 6~7 buses each day. If you miss the buses, you may take a taxi, which costs about CNY 80.
Admission Fee CNY 110
Children of 1.2 - 1.5 meters (3.9 – 4.9 feet) enjoy half price tickets.
Cable Way: CNY 55 for the cableway going up the mountains, and CNY 45 for the cableway going down the mountains
Opening Hours  08:00-16:00
- Last updated on Aug. 30, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Shenxianju Scenic Area
Asked by Ann from THAILAND | Oct. 11, 2023 09:09Reply
Shenxianju Scenic Area from Xiandu
Is Shenxianju Scenic Area near Xiandu ,Jinyun? Are there any public transportation to go there? how much for taxi roundtrip from Xiandu?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey | Oct. 11, 2023 20:27

As I know, there is no public transportation available between the two scenic areas. If taking a taxi, it costs CNY500-600 for a round trip.
Asked by PK LOH from MALAYSIA | Aug. 30, 2023 19:49Reply
Hi, can I know the daily time available for bus leaving Xianju to Taizhou and from which station
Answers (1)
Answered by Rita | Aug. 30, 2023 23:43

It is hard to find the bus schedule on line. In fact, it is more convenient to take a bullet train from Xianju South Railway Station to Taizhou West and the departure time is at 09:43, 13:38, 17:35, and 21:32. Train tickets should be booked in advance.
Asked by Cathy from PHILIPPINES | Jun. 18, 2023 18:32Reply
From Shanghai.
I read this from an article: Xianju is about a four-hour car ride from Shanghai. Travel time will be cut to just 90 minutes in 2023 when the Hangzhou-Wenzhou high-speed railway begins operations.

Will this be operational anytime soon?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bella | Jun. 18, 2023 19:26

According to the latest news, the railway will be opened in June of 2024.
Asked by Lucy from INDONESIA | Jul. 20, 2022 09:35Reply
to get to Shenxianju scenic area
Upon arriving at Taizhou Railway station, how to get to Shenxianju scenic area ?
How many days to spend to get around in Shenxianju scenic area ?

Why you don't mention about Ruyi Bridge on this Shenxianju scenic area page ? Which part of Shenxianju scenic area is Ruyi bridge located

Thank you so much
Answers (1)
Answered by Stella | Jul. 26, 2022 02:29

Get out from the railway station, walk to the adjacent coach station to take a coach to Xianju Coach Terminal, then connect to a local bus to Shenxianju scenic area. It takes about 2 hours onboard.

Usually, it takes about 3-5 hours to tour the scenic area. Ruyi Bridge is generally in the central part of the scenic area.
Asked by tracy from UNITED STATES | Jan. 13, 2021 09:49Reply
What is the location of ruyi bridge at Shenxianju, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
I saw a video of a glass bottom, undulating bridge. I have been trying to locate it on google maps with no success. Is this a real bridge, and if so, where is it located. Directions to get to it??
Answers (1)
Answered by Devine | Jan. 24, 2021 22:15

It is located at Shenxianju Scenic Area. The location is Baita Town, Xianju Town.
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