Xianju, Zhejiang

Xianju Facts

Chinese Name: 仙居 (xiān jū)   
Population: 517,377
Area: 2,000 square kilometers (772 square miles)
Location: in the west of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, east China
Area Code: 0576
Zip Code: 317300
GDP (2018): CNY 23 billion (USD 3.4 billion)

Featuring Cycling and Hiking Tour

Located in the southeast of Zhejiang Province, Xianju, is a county under the jurisdiction of Taizhou City. It is adjacent to Wenzhou on the south, Lishui on the west and Jinhua on the north. Xianju is an important pharmaceutical intermediate product export base and the leading product hormone drugs export ranks first in China. Known as China's Arts and Crafts City, Xianju is also the largest wooden crafts base. Xianju is also full of excellent attractions. Xianju Greenway, the most beautiful greenway in China, connects the Shenxianju Scenic Area and Xiangshishan Scenic Area featuring mountain tour. Tourists can experience the thrilling rafting at Yong’an River Scenic Spot and search for ancient relics in Potan Ancient Town and Gaoqian Ancient Residence. Jingxing Cliff Scenic Area provides a good platform for moon-gazing.

Best Places to Visit & Top Things to Do in Xianju

Hike or Cycle along the Xianju Greenway

Hiking or cycling along the Xianju Greenway enables tourists to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery and experiencing the local culture. Yong’anxi Greenway starts from the west side of Yong’an Park and ends at the tourist service center of Shenxianju Scenic Area. It passes through Nanfeng Mountain, Feifeng Cave, Yong'an River Rafting, Mukou Lake Forest Park, Red Bayberry Planting Base, Shenxianju Modern Agricultural Park, Yong'an River Bridge, Gaoqian Ancient Residence. It takes about 4 hours to finish the whole cycling.

Shenxianju Scenic Area
Shenxianju literally means where the immortals live, as the beautiful natural scenery is too attractive. Hence Shenxianju gets the name and becomes famous. Shenxianju Scenic Area is the largest rhyolite landform in the world with strange peaks and precipitous cliffs. A great number of waterfalls, ponds and grotesque rocks are distributed in the mountains. Tourists can take a cable car to the top of the mountains. There is an exciting 3,000-meter (9,843 feet) long plank built along the face of a cliff. Besides, many tourists are also attracted by the splendid sea of clouds and sunrise.

Explore the Potan Ancient Town

Potan Ancient Town is an ancient commercial town, 25 km (15.5 mi) from the urban Xianju. It has preserved a dragon-shaped street paved with pebbles and numerous ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368 - 1912), ranging from old shops to ancient residences, brothels, casinos and ancestral temples. Visitors can also experience the folk arts and catering cultures such as frameless festive lanterns, tea ceremony and Eight Bowls. Apart from the above highlights, the Tongjiang Academy built in the Southern Dynasty (1127 - 1279) nearby has become a resort for tourists to learn the traditional culture.

Gaze at the Moon at Jingxing Cliff Scenic Area

Jingxing Cliff is 743 meters (2,444 feet) above sea level with three cliffs. Tourists can take an elevator to the top of the mountain and overlook the rolling mountains and steep cliffs. Jingxing Cliff is famous as a fantastic place to appreciate the moon. When it is clear, the moon you can see here is twice as big as that you see in other places. Now there is a moon-gazing building, a pavilion, a long corridor and two hotels. In addition, a nearly 900-meter (2,953 feet) downhill slide is worth to try.

View All Kinds of Flowers and Taste Red Bayberries

Xianju also highlights all kinds of enchanting flowers in the countryside. It is also known as the hometown of Chinese red bayberries for producing big and sweet red bayberries.

 Rapeseed Flower
Time: March, April
Addresses: Shuangmiao County, Guankeng Scenic Area in Danzhu County, Yangfeng Mountain in Zhuxi Village

 Peach Blossom
Time: March, April
Address: Yangpengtou Village

Time: May, June, September, October
Address: The northern entrance of Shenxianju Tourist Resort

 Red Bayberries
Time: June, July
Addresses: Xilu Village, Wangzhai Red Bayberry Orchard, Tongqiao Red Bayberry Orchard

Best Time to Visit Xianju

The best time to visit Xianju is in spring and summer, from March to August. It is a good time for sightseeing and the tasty red bayberry is ripe in June and July. The climate in Xianju Zhejiang is mild without the extreme weather. The winter time from December to February is cold and less rainy and the coldest temperature is about 4℃ (39℉). As the spring from March to May comes, the temperature increases and the weather is changeable. In summer, from June to August, the weather is hot and wet and July is the hottest month when the temperature is likely up to 38℃ (100℉). And then the temperature is going to decrease to a relatively pleasant degree in autumn, from September to November.

Xianju Weather Forecast



Xianju is 220 km (137 mi) from Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province and 94 km (58 mi) from Taizhou. Visitors can take a flight to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport or Taizhou Luqiao Airport and then take a coach from Hangzhou Passenger Transportation Center or Taizhou Linhai New Bus Station to Xianju Zhejiang. Coaches to Xianju from Hangzhou Passenger Transportation Center run from 8:20 to 16:10 and it takes about 4.5 hours. 2 hours is needed from Taizhou Linhai New Bus Station or Taizhou Linhai Hubei Bus Station to Xianju by a coach. There is no railway station in Xianju Zhejiang.

Buses and taxis are two major inner-city transportation methods. The Anda Bus Station is just situated in the central area.

Best Xianju Food to Try

The best Xianju foods to try include Eight Bowls, Sesame Seed Pancake, Jiaotou Noodles (Noodles with Ingredients), Sanhuang Chicken and Fried Rice.

 Eight Bowls
Eight Bowls refers to eight dishes named after Eight Immortals. The main ingredients include fish, pork, white hyacinth bean, sea cucumber, pigskin and Tofu.

 Jiaotou Noodles (Noodles with Ingredients)
Jiaotou Noodles is one of the staple foods in Xianju Zhejiang. The Jiaotou is made by a fried egg, bamboo shoots, bacon and dried bean curd. Put the Jiaotou over the cooked noodles, and then you can taste it.

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