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High/Low Temperatures of Wuxi
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for Wuxi
Average Temperatures of Wuxi
Average Temperatures Graph for Wuxi
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Wuxi Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Li Garden, Wuxi
Li Garden

Wuxi has a warm and humid climate with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 15.5C (59.9F). It is rich in rainfall all year round. Autumn is the best season to pay a visit. In this refreshing season, your palate would be revitalized by the delicious fresh water Wuxi products in Taihu Lake as well as the juicy fruits of the area.

Though the weather is changeable, spring is also a great season to visit for it is the time when various flowers are blooming. In the bite of cold winter, many temple fairs full of the local characters will make this city very lively. It is not suitable to go to Wuxi in summer since the climate is hot and rainy in this season and the temperature would be beyond 36C (96.8F) at this time. 

Detailed Wuxi weather information about the rainfall:

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Rainfall (in) 1.4/1.5 2.2/2.3 2.9/3.0 3.6/3.7 4.2/4.3 6.4/6.5
Rainfall (mm) 35/40 55/60 70/75 90/95 105/110 160/165
Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (in) 6.7/6.8 4.6/4.7 4.3/4.4 2.2/2.3 2.1/2.2 1.2/1.3
Rainfall (mm) 170/175 115/120 110/115 55/60 50/55 30/35

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