Top 10 Things to Do in Wuxi

Wuxi, in the Yangtze River Delta, is a beautiful city by Taihu Lake. This large lake is the most famous attraction in Wuxi, but not all of Wuxi. The ancient canal flowing through the city, the old towns in profound cultural atmosphere, classical gardens in southern Chinese style, Buddhist culture, etc. will satisfy you no matter what you expect on your Wuxi tour. This article recommends top 10 things to do in Wuxi, for you to plan a memorable and thorough tour.

If you ask a local what to do in Wuxi, Turtle Head Isle is always the first recommendation. Turtle Head Isle is located in the north of the famous Taihu Lake, which is also the best scenic area around the whole lake. The isle looks like a turtle raising its head, hence the name. In addition to the charming natural scenery, you can visit the temples and small grottoes with sculptures of Taoism and Buddhism, and the ancient private garden complex on the island. People also go there for the sunrise in the thin mist over Taihu Lake, the lotus flowers in summer and cherry blossoms in spring.
Although Lingshan Grand Buddha is not a historical relic left over by Chinese ancestors, it stands out for its giant height of 88 meters (289 feet). The standing bronze Buddha statue is on Little Lingshan Hill, facing Taihu Lake. After visiting Xiangfu Temple at the hill foot, you need to climb 288 steps to reach the Grand Buddha. It’s very interesting that whenever and wherever you are on the steps, the Buddha seems looking at you all the time. If interested, you may take the elevator in the statue base to touch the feet of Buddha, so as to pray for blessings. The palace-like site for World Buddhist Forum, Tibetan Wuyin Tan City in the middle of water, and more Buddhist attractions at the hill foot are visit-worthy.

Nianhua Bay Buddhist Resort

Next to Lingshan Grand Buddha, Nianhua Bay is also a modern manmade attraction, but visiting it become a popular Wuxi thing to do soon after it was open because of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) architecture style and peaceful atmosphere. You may stroll on the main street, to see the wooden houses in the style of Tang Dynasty. The highest Nianhua Tower on the street is very eye-catching, and the night views around the tower is brilliant and splendid. You can also hang out in the shops selling handicrafts and pastries, see dark-red enameled potteries in the museum, taste tea in tea houses, etc. In autumn, there is a large area of coreopsis flowers blooming. For Buddhists, there are a few activities like meditation that you could take part in.

Huishan Ancient Town

Huishan Ancient Town is the only well-preserved old folk block in Wuxi and it is recommended as one of the must things to do in Wuxi China mainly because of the ancient ancestral hall complex and the local snacks, It is not large but with a large number of ancestral halls. Among them, there is a special one built in a combined style of both Chinese and western. Apart from these ancestral halls, it is also a foodies’ paradise. Tofu pudding, small steamed buns, small wonton, etc. are popular and you may need to queue for them. Besides, you may buy the Huishan Clay Figurines as a souvenir or gift, which is a noted local specialty.

Yixing Bamboo Forest

What to do in Wuxi China for nature lovers? Yixing Bamboo Forest is recommended for the fresh air and spectacular bamboo sea. It is especially popular in summer, when people go there to appreciate majestic view of endless bamboo forest and seek for coolness. Entering the scenic area, you will see the bamboo woods along the river, the lake and the fountains. You may then take the cable car to the mountain top, or trek along the trails to reach the summit. Along the trekking trail through the bridges, waterfalls, and hanging plank walkway, you can see more surprising sceneries. Reaching Lingyun Tower on the top, you can enjoy the whole bamboo forest under your feet. When the breeze blows, it looks so like green sea with rolling waves.
Li Garden was constructed by Li Lake, an enclosed part of Taihu Lake. The lakeside landscapes and garden views are the noted appeals to visitors. Besides, the classical garden draws people’s attention with peach blossoms in March and April, lotus flowers from June to September, and willows on the bank. One of the best ways to tour it is by boat, which is also among popular Wuxi china things to do. For night cruises, there are a few special archaistic boats. The maze-like rockeries and reflections of the moon on the lake are nice sceneries, too.
Three Kingdoms City, also called CCTV Wuxi Studios, is a film base by Taihu Lake. It consists of Three Kingdoms Town and Water Margin Town. In the former, there are ancient styled architecture of Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD); and in the latter, those houses are mainly in Song Dynasty (960 - 1279 AD) style. Traveling inside, you may feel like travelling through times to the past. Moreover, you could watch the performances themed on ancient Chinese stories and old acrobats. It is a sought after destination among “Wuxi what to dos”, especially for tourists who love Chinese culture and Chinese TV series.

Nanchan Temple

Since being constructed in the middle of the 6th century in Northern and Southern Dynasties (420 - 589 AD), Nanchan Temple has always been a significant Buddhist center in Wuxi. But now, it’s also a cultural block with book mall and food street. Miaoguang Pagoda is the most eye-catching out of the Buddhist architecture there with yellow walls, and it’s always a best attractions in Wuxi. After visiting the temple, you can wander in the pedestrian zone surrounding it, to find the tasty snacks, handicrafts, teas, and more. When you are wondering what to do in Wuxi at night, Nanchan Temple is also a good destination to see beautiful night views of the ancient buildings, or take a sculling boat cruising on the nearby canal.

Xihui Park

Right next to Huishan Ancient Town mentioned above, Xihui Park is also a must go in Wuxi. It is a large park with Xi Hill and Hui Hill. Between the two hills, the ancient Huishan Temple, Jichang Garden, the Second Best Spring, Yingshan Lake, etc. are all splendid to visit. In spring, the large stretches of azalea flowers, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, magnolia flowers and so on make the park a colorful fairyland. Temple fairs are also held in early spring, when you can experience local folk customs. You could climb the low hills, or take the cable car travelling between two hills and overlook the park on high.

Dangkou Ancient Town

Dangkou houses a group of former residences of local celebrities. Besides, you could see a large and best-persevered Yizhuang in southern China, especially Yizhuang of Hua Family with rooms, the barn and the garden. In ancient times, Yizhuang was the special estate built to give assistance to family members or relatives in trouble. What’s more, Dangkou Ancient Town is a recommended thing to do in Wuxi for foodies, because delicious foods would never absent here. You can find the teahouses and shops selling small steamed buns, tofu pudding, Chinese baked cakes, and more local snacks.
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