Li Garden

In the Qingqi Village in Wuxi City, is located the Li Garden which is one of the major scenic spots in China. It lies by Li Lake and covers an area of 8.2 hectares (approx. 98,071 square yards). It is said that Fan Li who was a prime minister of the Yue State in Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC) was very meritorious in helping the king to conquer another state. However, he has decided to live in privacy with Xi Shi (one of the Four Beauties in ancient China) after the big success was achieved. They lived in this area and boated in Li Lake. In order to commemorate Fan Li, the lake was named after his name. However, the garden was named after the lake.
Li Garden, Wuxi
 Li Garden Pictures
Li Garden, Wuxi
Elegant Corridor, Pavilion and Pond
Li Garden is surrounded by water on three sides. You can see green hills in the distance, and at close range the dike, long corridor, and rockery. The scenery in the garden can be divided into three sections: Man-made hills in the middle section, the scenic spots such as long dike and Four Seasons Pavilions in the west section and abundant spots including Spring and Autumn Pavilion and long corridor in the east section.

In the middle section, man-made hills were piled high in various shapes and styles. Some are sharp and angular, of which some are purely magnificent. There is a stone path which is wide in some sections but narrows in others, also are bright in some sections but obscure in others. Walking along the path can be just like being in a maze. The man-made hills are endowed with more vitality by the lake. The two seem to form a whole unit and bring us a great enjoyment of nature's beauty.

Four Seasons Pavilions are in fact four pavilions - Spring Pavilion, Summer Pavilion, Autumn Pavilion and Winter Pavilion. They were built all in the same style. The pictures of flowers in four seasons are painted on their pillars. Beside each pavilion, a special kind of flower was planted. Plum blossoms are planted beside the Spring Pavilion, and Oleanders are planted beside the Summer Pavilion. Sweet-scented osmanthus can be found by the Autumn Pavilion and Calyx canthus by the Winter Pavilion. Therefore, tourists can enjoy beautiful flowers here in any season.
Li Garden, Wuxi Li Garden, Wuxi
Spring and Autumn Pavilions are three stories high, with the eaves cocked upwards. The pavilion gained its name for it is relation to Fan Li and Xi Shi who lived in the Spring and Autumn Periods. The name causes people to imagine something about the ancient time and the sweet love story between them. The pavilion is the highest architecture in the garden, thus providing people a good place to overlook the panoramic view around the garden.

From June to September, the exhibition of lotus is held in the garden, and night tours are also held here from July to September.
Admission Fee: CNY 45 (March 17 to May 27, July  to October 22)
CNY 30 (May 28 to July 6, October 23 to March 16)
CNY 170 (Li Garden, Turtle Head Isle, Xihui Park and Plum Garden)
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 18:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: One and a half hours
Bus Route: 1. take K1 or K82 bus from Wuxi Railway Station to the garden directly.
2. take bus no. 9, 20, 211 or 315 and get off at Liyuan Station.

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Questions & Answers on Li Garden
Asked by Yosephine from INDONESIA | Feb. 24, 2019 01:30Reply
can i trip at Wuxi City for 1 day?
i want to go three kingdom and li garden, and xihui park, its enough for 1 day from Shanghai and back? and how to get there? first i must go to where and by bus no ?
thank you
Answers (3)
Answered by Brianna from CANADA | Feb. 27, 2019 23:58

Well, the time is not enough. You are advised to go to Li Garden and Three Kingdom City first.
Answered by Yosephine from INDONESIA | Feb. 28, 2019 04:37

Can you give me some recommendation hotel to stay at the city? And its near from Any attraction there?
Answered by Brianna | Feb. 28, 2019 18:06

You are suggested to stay at a hotel nearby Wanda Plaza, Binhu District. Wanmeida Hotel is recommended. It is located at Wanda Apartment, No.37, Liangxi Road, Binhu District. It is nearby the metro station. Hope helpful!
Asked by Chris1313 from MALAYSIA | Sep. 05, 2018 02:52Reply
Three Kingdoms to Li Garden
Hi Travel Team / Experience travellers

Do anyone can advise it is a direct bus from Three kingdoms to Li Garden ?
If yes, may i know how long is the duration from Three kingdoms to Li Garden ?
Many thanks.
Answers (3)
Answered by Dylan from USA | Sep. 05, 2018 20:46

Yes, you can Bus Line 82 to there directly and it takes about 30 minutes.
Answered by Chris1313 from MALAYSIA | Sep. 05, 2018 23:31

Hi Dylan,
Many thanks for you information.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Means takes bus number "82" from Three Kingdoms and it will reach Li Garden directly ?
Answered by Dylan | Sep. 05, 2018 23:56

That's right.
Asked by kalian from CHINA | Dec. 10, 2015 08:16Reply
are there any attractions in wuxi city downtown area.
is there anything to see near in the city or near to the railway station. im a bit short of time thats why would like to know.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mia from FRANCE | Dec. 11, 2015 00:05

As I know, Chong'an Temple, Xihui Park, City Museum, Nanchan Temple and Huishan Ancient Town are located nearby the Main Railway Station. In order to save time, you are suggested to take a taxi to the mentioned scenic areas directly. :-)
Asked by kalian from CHINA | Dec. 10, 2015 08:13Reply
Hi there, can i go to the li garden and taihu lake on the same day.
how far are both these places from the wuxi railway station. thanks for your replies.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ann from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 11, 2015 00:02

Yes, you can make a round-trip. The suggested route is Railway Station - Li Garden - Taihu Lake - Railway Station.
By the way, the distance between these two scenic areas is about 2 miles (3 kilometers).
About the transportation, for your convenience, you are adviced to take a taxi to these places directly. From Railway Station to Li Garden, it costs around CNY 30. From Li Garden to Taihu Lake (north gate of Yuantouzhu Scenic Area), the fare is about CNY 15.
Asked by K H Su from MALAYSIA | Mar. 13, 2015 01:13Reply
Can I take subway to Li Garden?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ian from INDIA | Mar. 13, 2015 03:47

Subway cannot get you to the spot directly, and the bus No.1, 9, 82, 211 or 315 lead to the destination directly.
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