Tai Lake Cruise

Tai Lake, located in the Yangtze River Delta traverses Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces and Shanghai. Covering an area of 2,338 square kilometers (about 902 square miles), the lake is the third largest freshwater Lake in China, 400 times the size of West Lake in Hangzhou. Four tourist cities, Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou and Huzhou are located on the shores of the lake.

In addition to the stunning scenery that surrounds the area, fish and other seafood caught in the lake can be enjoyed by visitors. White bait, white fish, white shrimp, and aquatic plants are among the delicacies harvested in abundance from the lake.

Scenery around the Lake

The scenery of Tai Lake changes as you pass the different cities that surround it. There are 48 islets and 72 peaks scattered throughout the lake. Among the best known are Turtle Head Islet, Three-Mount Island (also called Fairy Islands of Tai Lake), and East and West Dongting Hills. As the lake is the cradle of culture for the Wu and Yue dynasties, a large number of cultural relics can be seen on the shores of the lake as well.

In Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Turtle Head Islet, Three-Mount Island, Three Kingdoms City and Water Margin City etc. are all worth a visit. Get more sceneries of Tai Lake in Wuxi.

Cruise Information

From Wuxi, you can take a memorable cruise around Tai Lake. On the wharfs of Turtle Head Islet, you can find motor boats, yachts, sailboats and other kinds of cruise boats that will take you in whatever direction you choose -- to Fairy Island, Three Kingdoms City, Water Margin City, Lingshan Hill Scenery, etc.

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Tai Lake Scenery

The lake is characterized by its picturesque natural scenery. Turtle Head Islet, Fairy Island (The three-Mount Island), the Three Kingdoms City and Water Margin City are all spots certainly worth a visit when in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.

 Turtle Head Islet (Yuantou Zhu)
Turtle Head Islet (Yuantou Zhu), an islet located on the northwest bank of Tai Lake, is considered 'the Best Scenic Spot of Tai Lake'. The island is appropriately named after its shape which stretches into the lake having the appearance of a celestial turtle raising its head to look afar. Constructed in 1918, Turtle Head Islet has become one of the biggest gardens south of the Yangtze River regions.

The Islet is not only a perfect place to admire the natural beauty of Tai Lake but also a resort rich in fascination sceneries. More than ten attractions are scattered across Turtle Head Islet including 'Elegant Scenery Hiding behind Chongshan Hill', 'Jiangnan Orchid Garden', 'Ten-Li Scented Lane', and 'Sino-Japan Friendship Cherry Woods'. Natural scenes and stone inscriptions with paintings and calligraphy works by celebrities of past dynasties can all be admired here. The beauty of the islet is best described by Mr. Guo Moruo, a famous Chinese poet who said 'The supreme view of Tai Lake scenery, after all, lies in Turtle Head Peninsula.'

 Three-Mount Island
Only 2.6 kilometers from the Turtle Head Islet, Fairy Island is one of the more well known of the 72 islands and peaks of the lake. With an area of only 12 hectares, it features four hills. The main hill, reaching a height of 49.8 meters (163 feet), is called 'Three Mount'.

The island boasts the ancient culture of Taoism while instilling mythical feelings to its visitors. Of all the scenic areas there, the Heaven Capital Fairy Mansion (Tiandu Xianfu), including Heaven Gate, Heavenly Street, and Matchmaker God Temple, is definitely worth a visit. Heaven Emperor Palace (Lingxiao Palace), which is 38 meters (125 feet) tall with seven floors, provides an excellent example of the stateliness of Taoism architecture. What makes the palace unique is an 18 meter-tall (59 foot) statue of the emperor of God. In addition, Dajue Bay and Immortal's Caves, where the grotto arts of Buddhism and Taoism converge, will leave a long-lasting impression on the visitor.

Crossing the Huixian Bridge to the north, visitors will arrive at Xiya hill which is the world of funny monkeys. Appreciated by visitors far and wide, the Island is a charming wonderland.

 Three Kingdoms and Water Margin City
hree Kingdoms City and Water Margin City are two popular filming locations in the lake.

Built for shooting the TV series - The Romance of Three Kingdoms (one of the four Chinese famous novels) - the Three Kingdoms City is located in the southern suburb of Wuxi. With Qinglong Mountain to the west and Tai Lake to the north, the city covers an area of 35 hectares and has been open to visitors since 1994. The city was built in the typical Han Dynasty's style. Within the 85 thousand square meters, there are large sets including the King of Kingdom of Wu (229 - 280) Palace and Balefire Platform. In addition to touring the sets of the three kingdom period, visitors can also sit in the ancient warship and experience the spectacle of wars of the old days. In the Three Kingdoms City, visitors will certainly marvel at the magnificent scenery of the city. Each brick in the city contributes to the ambiance and help visitors relive what the early days during wartime.

Water Margin City was built for shooting the TV series - Tale of Water Margin (also one of the four Chinese famous novels). It connects to the Three Kingdoms City in the south. The city features vast areas of water and numerous scenes. Visitors to the city can stroll through the emperor's palace, the stockaded village, yamun, or pubs, the jail and the temples. Martial arts performances are provided by members of Wushu Stunt Team of the Water Margin City.

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Where's this 3 Kingdom City located?
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Alvin, it's located in Wuxi. You can take no.82 bus from railway station to 3 kingdom City because subway line 1 doesn't pass by 3 kingdom city.
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