Thousand Islets Lake Cruise

Thousand Islets Lake, Hangzhou
Thousand Islets Lake, Hangzhou
The Thousand Islets Lake in Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province is a beautiful lake dotted with 1,078 islands. Seen from afar, these islets are like emeralds inlaid on the sparkling rippling water. Cruising on the clear lake, you can appreciate the thousands of islands covered with green plants. The fascinating landscape and clear water will leave you with a wonderful unforgettable impression.

Cruise Scenery

The scenery of the Thousand Islets Lake includes numerous isles, clear water, abundant vegetation, flourishing forests, numerous animals, unique peaks, exotic rocks, and rich gorges. Local cultural relics and ancient structures are also worth visiting. The most famous attractions are Plum Peak (Meifeng) Island, the Five Dragons (Wulong) Scenic Area, Dragon Hill (Longshan) Island, Monkey Isle, Ostrich Isle, the Magic Dragon (Shenlong) Island, Warm and Fragrant (Wenxin) Isle, Joyful Fish (Yule) Isle, and Three Pools Islet in the Central Lake Area as well as Heavenly Pool (Tianchi) Isle, Honey Mountain (Mishan) Isle, Sweet Osmanthus Isle, and Huangshanjian Island in the Southeast Lake Area.

Cruise Information

Currently, there are three wharves open around Thousand Islets Lake. Most of the famous islands are covered. While cruising the lake, the gentle breeze, the rippling water, the singing birds, and the green islands will fascinate and relax you. Here is the detailed information.
Price Schedule Route Duration
Thousand Islets Lake Tourist Wharf
Adult: CNY 65
Child: CNY 35
08:00, 10:00 Plum Peak Island; Joyful Fish  Isle; Dragon Hill Island About 4.5 hours.
Location: No. 348 on the Menggu Road in Qiandaohu Township, Chunan County, Hangzhou
Transportation: Take bus line K004, and get off at the terminal.
Southeast Tourist Wharf
Adult: CNY 65
Child: CNY 35
09:00  Huangshanjian Island, Heavenly Pool Isle, Sweet Osmanthus Isle About 6.5 hours
10:00, 11:00 Huangshanjian Island, Heavenly Pool Isle About 4.5 hours
13:00  Huangshanjian Islet, Heavenly Pool Isle, Honey Mountain  Island About 5 hours
Location: On the South Huanhu Road in the Qiandaohu Township, Chunan County, Hangzhou
Transportation: Take bus line K006, and get off at the terminal.
Night Cruise Wharf
Daytime "Star of Tourism" Boats :
Adult: CNY 450
Child: CNY 230
The ticket fare also includes a buffet, drinks, tea, fruit, Chinese instrument performance, and free Wi-Fi service.
10:00 Night Cruise Wharf- Plum Peak Island- Small Golden Hill Bridge- Red Leaf Bay- Warm and Fragrant Isle- back to the wharf   About 4 to 4.5 hours
Night Cruise Luxury boats: CNY 160
Ordinary boats: CNY 120
18:00 Dragon Hill Islet, Five Dragons Islet, Warm and Fragrant Isle  About 2 hours
Location: Near the Xiushui Bridge in the Qiandaohu Township, Chunan County, Hangzhou
Transportation: Take bus line K004, and get off at the Simaxiang Station.

1. Children tickets are for those between 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) and 4.9 feet (1.5 meters) in height.
2. Children less than 3.9 feet (1.2 meters) in height are free of charge. 

Apart from the boats mentioned above, visitors can rent a yacht to enjoy the lake. Each yacht can hold eleven passengers at most. The destinations include the Plum Peak Island, the Monkey Isle, the Joyful Fish Isle, the Five Dragons Scenic Area, and the Dragon Hill Island. Please reach the wharves early in case there is no yacht left, especially during peak seasons. The yacht tickets cannot be reserved at the present time. The detailed information is listed below.

Yachts  Fare (CNY)
Ordinary Yachts  900 for six or less passengers ;
1,000 for seven passengers;
1,100 for eight;
1,200 for nine;
1,300 for ten;
1,400 for eleven
Leisure Yachts  2,200 on weekdays;
2,500 on weekends
- Last updated on Aug. 14, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Thousand Islets Lake Cruise
Asked by Bao I Veng from HONG KONG | Jan. 21, 2018 14:12Reply
We are interest in Leisure Yacht in Thousand Islets Lake for March.
We likes to find out the size and type of Yacht if going to be use for the leisure yacht, and is the Yacht pretty stable on water, is sea sick easily?
Is Intercontinental 1000 island Hotel or Hilton 1000 island hotel closer to you?
Can we visit the island with leisure yacht?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gail from CANADA | Jan. 22, 2018 02:07

As I know, the Yacht will be stable on water. And it won't be sea sick easily. Both Intercontinental 1000 Island Hotel and Hilton 1000 Island Hotel are nice choices. You can just choose one of them.
You are allowed to visit the island with leisure yacht.
Have a nice trip!
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