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Yangtze River Hiking

Taking deluxe ship along the River will bring you much pleasure and cosiness, while, it should be a tough and challenging way to see more original and natural beauty for hikers all the way.
The route below functions as the guidance for backpackers. Your self discovery will be greatly facilitated if you can extract some information that meets your will.
Not only can you see the surging and vast river, but also you have the chance to witness the largest funnel and the mysterious valley which looks as if a huge crack seen from afar. It brings more than you can imagine.
It is always people’s realization that the tourist attractions become more brightened providing you put more imagination while doing the sightseeing. However, you will surely change your idea after you experience hiking on your own. The magnificent Three Gorges presents its enchantment and grandness at all times.
If you have the intention of taking excursions by yourselves, this route might be useful for you to make on your own schedule. The major scenic spots in the Three Gorges are covered.
In addition to the imposing Three Gorges, there are some other little gorges of different shapes. Some are too dangerous to be approached; some resemble certain objects in appearance. You can fully appreciate them.
Besides hiking along the River between Chongqing and Yichang, you can extend your exploration to an important tributary of the River and experience its vastness and the infinite charm of the foremost river in China.
This a great hike, following the enchanting water and taking you away from the usual tourist trails. We set out from Yichang, the origin of the River and encounter the state-level Mt.Tianzhu and Mt. Fushan on the way, ending at magnificent Tongcheng Confucian Temple.
The River enriches the passing land and leaves us spectacular historical relics and natural sights to enjoy. During the three days' journey, the Mingxian Mausoleum and Zeng Houyi tomb will illustrate Chinese traditional culture, while the Da Hongshan landscape site will display the magnificent and elegant natural beauty.
Qingjiang River, is known as the mother river of Tujia minority. With lofty, green mountains and clear water, Qingjiang River area is very attractive by its picturesqueness.
Wu River is the upstream branch of Yangtze River, which is also called Qianjiang. This tour will be taken along the Wu River.
Yueyang is an important tourist city in China, especially along the Yangtze River. It is home to the famous Dongting Lake, which is the second largest freshwater lake in China, Yueyang Lour Tower and Mt. Junshan scenic area. Yueyang is an excellent destination for a short get-away.
Situated just beside the Tuo River, Fenghuang City, also named Phoenix City, is renowned as one of most beautiful small towns in China. The highlights of this two-day tour include the old town itself, the old residence of Shen Congwen, Yang Memorial Temple, Southern Great Wall and Huangsi Bridge.
The one day short excursion along the Chia-ling River will teach you much about the Yangtze River, and also give you the chance to see the natural beauty of the area and recall the wise words of the famous military strategist, Mr. Zhuge Liang.
One of the most famous cities in China, Changsha is attracting increasing numbers of visitors. The city offers many interesting attractions, and the views of the surrounding landscape are fascinating.
The Geladandong Snow Mountain, located in Qinghai province, is the source of the mighty River. The 3-day excursion described below will allow you to explore the extraordinary natural beauty of the source of it along the well-known Qinghai-Tibet highway.
It is said that the Qing River is as grand as the Yangtze River, as clear as the Li River in Guilin and also as elegant as West Lake in Hangzhou. Having a cruise on this river is a marvelous experience.
With its advantageous natural attributes, Maoyanhe River is ideal for those who enjoy rafting. Here you have an exciting opportunity to show your bravado, even engaging in water fights with other rafters in a way that resonates with scenes of childhood.
The history of the Three Kingdoms Period entrusted this old city with a lively and magical character. In this two day journey, you will fully experience this controversial ancient place through the old city trip and its museum. Its legends were recorded and now these sad and merry stories continue to be narrated to its visitors.
Ganzhou City, the main tributary of the Yangtze River, is located at the upper reaches of the Gan River. Ganzhou is a well known tourist destination in the Jiangxi Province, a place where you’ll hear stories of the Hakka people (at Hakka's Castles); learn secrets of carpentry and construction technology (at the Yongzhen Bridge Gallery); and breath a bit more freely (at the Sanbai Mountain natural oxygen bar). Ganzhou City is a great year-round travel destination.
Known as the “scientific labyrinth”, Shennongjia is a treasure house of both rare plants and precious animals. Why not explore there and satisfy your curiosity?
Questions & Answers
Asked by Waseem Bahadur | Apr. 21, 2016 07:39Reply
Yichang Visit
I want to visit Yichang and see the main attractions, recommend me the place to stay and how many days are enough?

Answers (2)
Answered by Rick | Apr. 22, 2016 03:24

I think one day is enough in Yichang, as there is only the Three Gorge Dam worth of visiting.
Answered by Waseem | Apr. 22, 2016 21:00

Thank you dear.
Asked by Hannah from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 10, 2016 10:00Reply
Organised hiking group tours
Are there any organised group tours where I can find other people who are interested in hiking along the yangtze from Chongquing to Yichang?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Feb. 13, 2016 23:54

Dear Hannah,

We have no organised group tours for hiking along the yangtze from Chongqing to Yichang. The above itineraries are only for your reference. You may ask your family or friends or find some other people who are interested in this in the forums. Thank you.
Asked by M.Roberts. | Feb. 03, 2013 15:01Reply
Is it possible to have a 4 day cruise downstream finishing in SHANGHAI?
I'd like to arrange 4 nights hotel Shanghai, 4 nights boat on Yangtze River then back to Shanghai for 4 nights before departing Shanghai.
Answers (3)
Answered by Jason | Feb. 03, 2013 06:13

The 4-day cruise runs from Chongqing to Yichang. If you would like to have cruise finishing in Shanghai, then the boat journey takes at least 7 days.
Answered by M. Roberts. | Feb. 03, 2013 22:40

Thankyou for your reply to my query.
We intend to be in Shanghai for a week before a Yangtze River Cruise. What is the best way to get to Chogquing from Shanghai, to join the vessel for the river trip back to Shanghai?
Answered by Jason | Feb. 04, 2013 18:46

Hi, you may take flight from Shanghai to Chongqing, which takes around three hours. After 4-day cruise from Chongqing to Yichang, you can take flight back to Shanghai from Yichang.
Asked by Ms.LEANNE_M | Jan. 22, 2013 23:57Reply
Are there any Yangtze River day tours available or daily boat rides? How much do they cost?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy | Jan. 27, 2013 06:50

There is no Yangtze River day excursions. The cruise journey takes at least 4 days for downstream and 5 days for upsteam.
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