Paleolithic Age

Fossil of the Skull of Lantian Man, The Paleolithic Age
Fossil of the Skull of Lantian Man
The Paleolithic Age
In Chinese history, the Paleolithic Age is the earliest, beginning approximately 3,000,000 years ago and ending 10,000 years ago. Human beings during this period produced mainly simple stone implements, so the age is called the Paleolithic Age.

According to some theories, human civilization began during this period. The Paleolithic age can be divided into three periods - early, middle and late. The three periods follow the evolution of men from apes. Beginning with Homo erectus, and hereafter earlier Homo sapiens and finally later Homo sapiens.

In the early period, humans lived as hunter gatherers. As for the implements, coarsely-made stone ones were widely used. Fire was used to keep warm and cook food.

Humans in the middle period were more advanced than those living in the early period. The implements at that time were more diverse and more finely crafted.

The appearance of the humans in the late period was almost as the same as that of modern humans. They belonged to the latter Homo sapiens. Tools were more advanced than before. Beating, polishing and drilling were used extensively. Implements looked symmetrical and clearly reflect their different purposes. Bow and arrow, rock spear, drill, awls, carving implements and some utensils for daily use made from bone appeared at that time. In addition, decorations created with rocks, bones, animal teeth and ostrich eggshells appeared, among which some were even dyed with colors. As for the marriage system, because of the establishment of the clan, no person in a clan was allowed to marry a person of a different clan.

To date many human fossils and cultural relics have been found including the famous Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, Beijing. All the things that are left of the Paleolithic Age are great treasures for the research of human evolvement and culture, and China is one of the cradles of civilization.
Fire was used by ancient people in Paleolithic Age.
Fire was used in Paleolithic Age.
Life Scene in Paleolithic Age
Life Scene in Paleolithic Age
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Questions & Answers on The Paleolithic Age of China
Asked by A from ALGERIA | Sep. 07, 2018 06:35Reply
What language did the Chinese in the paleolithic era speak?
Answers (2)
Answered by John from GERMANY | Sep. 09, 2018 20:45

Actually, there is no exact language back to the time, and people used simple body language and onomatopoeia to communicate.
Answered by Simon | Sep. 07, 2021 20:16

Bro depends on what era in the Paleolithic.
If we are looking genetically Ydna NO and Ydna P (R and Q ancestor) were present in China.
At first sign language and clicks would be spoken in the beginning.
Later you’d most likely encounter Proto-East Asian. Considering that Tianyuan Man of Bejing left descendants among Yeniseian, Native Americans and Proto-Indo-European speakers; Yamna Culture; and not Modern Chinese populations. Perhaps Tianyuan Man spoke a proto-proto language of one of those 3 major languages.
Asked by Classified from CLASSIFIED | Jun. 12, 2016 13:49Reply
Is there any cases of different clan marriages during paleolithic age?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lynd from GERMANY | Jun. 13, 2016 21:07

During that period, a clan often contained 20~30 members and relatives were not allowed to get married. So, different clans would exchangedfemale members to produce offsprings.
Asked by Ms.Jacqulin from INDIA | Mar. 15, 2011 07:37Reply
Is The Paleolithic age also known as The Ice age?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Jamie | Mar. 16, 2011 01:45

No, they are different age terms. The ice age in Quaternary period starts from 2 million years ago till 10000 years ago.
Answered by Ms.HACHIILOVEU from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 24, 2011 05:01

no, the Ice age is also known as the Pleistocene period or the melting down of the ices in the world that caused the submersion of low lying areas.
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