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Visit Suzhou from Shanghai

Day 1 Shanghai - Suzhou
The Master of Nets Garden
Route: Humble Administrator's Garden - The Master of Nets Garden - Tiger Hill - Shantang Street

You are suggested to take metro line 1, 3, or 4 to Shanghai Railway Station and catch a high speed train there to Suzhou. Upon arrival at Suzhou Railway Station, take bus no. 202 or tourist bus no. 1 from the northern square of the train station to Suzhou Bowuguan. Then head northwards for around 200 meters (220 yards) and turn east to go along a pedestrian street. The ticket office of the Humble Administrator's Garden is a few yards ahead.

After that, get back to Suzhou Bowuguan Stop and take bus no. 55 to The Master of Nets Garden (Wang Shi Yuan). After alighting, follow the signposts to the entrance of the garden. Leave from the northern gate and go westwards along the Shiquan Street for a few yards. Turn north at the first crossing and then head forward for 100 meters (110 yards) to take tourist bus no. 2. Get down at Huqiu Terminal and go northward to the Tiger Hill Scenic Area.

When the visit is over, take a taxi to visit the Shangtang Street, a 1,100-year-old ancient street which is praised as the miniature of the old Suzhou. Find a hotel around the Shantang Street for one night's stay.

Tour Highlights

Humble Administrator's Garden: It is one of the most famous gardens in China together with the Summer Palace of Beijing, Mountain Resort of Chengde, and Lingering Garden of Suzhou. It is divided into eastern, central, and western sections, among which the central courtyard is the most essential part with elegant pavilions and grotesque rockeries built around a large pond. If you come in July, the pond will be covered by a large stretch of lotus leaves with pink flowers interspersed on it.

The Master of Nets Garden: This garden originally belonged to a reclusive official of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279). It consists of a residential courtyard, rockery and water landscape area, and an inner courtyard. Although not very large in scale, the brilliant design of this garden doesn't make buildings inside look cramped, but reveals a charm of quietness and seclusion.

Tiger Hill: A legend goes that the King He Lu of the Wu State (12th century - 473 BC) was buried in the hill and three days later, people saw a white tiger squat there, and hence the name. Climb to the top, you will see the famous Tiger Hill Pagoda built during the Northern Song Dynasty (959 - 961). The pagoda is nicknamed as the Leaning Tower of China because of the slight incline to the northwest.

Shanghai - Suzhou high speed trainCNY 39.5 for a second-class seat
Suzhou city bus fareCNY 2
Tiger Hill - Shantang Street taxi fareCNY 20
Humble Administrator’s GardenCNY 90 during Apr ~ May & Jul ~ Oct, CNY 70 at other times
The Master of Nets GardenCNY 40 during Apr ~ May & Jul ~ Oct, CNY 30 at other times
Tiger HillCNY 80 during Apr ~ May & Jul ~ Oct, CNY 60 at other times
Day 2 Suzhou - Shanghai
Tongli Water Town
Today, you are recommended to take a relaxing tour to Tongli Water Town. After breakfast, take a taxi to the long-distance bus station on the northern square of Suzhou Railway Station. Get on a bus there to reach Tongli Town in around one hour. Upon arrival, follow the signposts to the ticket office and start your visit.

Route: Retreat and Reflection Garden - Take a rowing boat to Wang Shao'ao Memorial Hall - Pearl Pagoda - Ternate Bridge - Chongben Hall - Jiayin Hall - Gengle Hall - Teahouse of South Garden - Luoxingzhou Island

Make sure you get back to Tongli Bus Station before 19:00 to catch the last return bus to Suzhou. Upon arrival, take a high speed train back to Shanghai and this 2-day Shanghai side trip to Suzhou will end at this point. 

Highlights of Tongli Ancient Town 

This water town was built during the Song Dynasty with a history of over 1,000 years. A network of waterway divides the town into seven islands which are connected by quaint stone bridges. There are a lot of ways to explore the beauty of the town, such as walking along smooth flagstone pavements to visit ancient residences, having a cup of tea at a tea house while enjoying local opera, and taking a boat to drift along the waterway. 

Suzhou - Tongli bus ticketCNY 8
Tongli Ancient TownCNY 100

Notice: The entrance ticket includes the round trip boat trip to Luoxingzhou Island. Once you get out from the town, you may spend CNY 5 taking a battery car to the Luoxingzhou Dock to take the boat.
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Asked by Ramesh from INDIA | Mar. 14, 2017 04:24Reply
I am planning to come to Shanghai in the month of May. How to see Shangai city?
I will have half day evening after 6:00 pm and upto 3:30 pm another day. Is there any bus service available?
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Answered by Teresa | Mar. 17, 2017 19:41

Hi, the tourist bus line may not be available after 17:30, but most of public buses will run to the mid night and there are also some buses operator for the whole night.
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