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Two-Day of Wuzhen

Having seen the towering skyscrapers and modern malls of Shanghai, you may want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and take a two-day Shanghai side trip to the 1,300-year-old Wuzhen Water Town, which mainly consists of Dongzha and Xizha districts.
Day 1 Shanghai - Dongzha - Xizha
Wuzhen Water Town
There are frequent buses at Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station to Wuzhen from 7:15 to 18:35 every 30 minutes. You can take metro line 1 or 2 to Shanghai South Railway Station first. Get out from the train station and walk eastwards for a few yards and you will arrive at the South Long-Distance Bus Station. Take a 2 hours' bus ride to Wuzhen Bus Station. Upon arrival, get on bus 337, 350, or 353 to Wuzhen Dishui via 2 stops. Walk through a big arch to your east and you will see the entrance of Dongzha.

Dongzha Visiting Route: God of Fortune Bay - Ancient Bed Museum - Folk Customs Museum - Wine Distillery Workshop - Indigo Fabric Workshop - Wood Carving Museum - The Former Residence of Mao Dun - Huiyuan Pawnshop

Then, get back to the ticket office of Dongzha and take a free shuttle bus to Xizha to enjoy the beautiful night scenes. Also find a hostel in Xizha for one night's stay.

Dongzha District: Wandering around Dongzha, backpackers can have a glimpse of authentic local people's life. Buildings are mostly in their original looking and some natives still live there. Besides, you can get to know local culture and customs by visiting Ancient Bed Museum, Folk Customs Museum, Wood Carving Museum, and time-honored workshops.

Night Scenes of Xizha District: When the night comes, old bridges and grey-tiled residences of Xizha will be lightened and cast their dazzling reflections on the water. It is highly suggested you take a raft trip to blend in the beautiful nightscape. You can also have a few drinks in a bar, or watch an open-air movie or local Huagu Opera to well spend the night.

*Notice: Wuzhen is usually crowded with visitors during weekends and public holidays. It is suggested you avoid visiting the town at that time in order to better immerse in the local peaceful atmosphere.

Shanghai - Wuzhen bus ticketCNY 55
Bus 337, 350, or 353CNY 2
Combo ticket of Dongzha and XizhaCNY 150
Day 2 Xizha - Shanghai
A dyehouse in the town
Xizha Visiting Route: Andufang Ferry - Traditional Plants Dye House - Xuchang Pickled Food Workshop - Yichang Foundry Workshop - Wedding Museum - Zhaoming Academy - Wuzhen Post Office - Water Stage - Bridge in Bridge - White Lotus Pagoda - Yida Silk Workshop - Nuhong Street

When the 2-day independent Shanghai tour to Wuzhen is over, go back to the entrance of Xizha and take bus no. 350 to Wuzhen Bus Station. Take a return bus to Shanghai and you should notice the bus is operating until 18:30.

Highlights of Xizha District:
Xizha District is the essential part of Wuzhen Water Town and covers a larger area than Dongzha. Crisscrossed water lanes divide Xizha into 12 parts and over 70 stone bridges connect these separated islets together. Here you can spend a leisure time wandering along flagstone pavements and taste local snacks in a roadside restaurant. You can also visit some historical sites such as Zhaoming Academy and Wuzhen Post Office, to delve into the past of the town.
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Questions & Answers
Asked by ELSIE96 | May. 06, 2017 23:29Reply
Recommend hotel to Hengdian Studios
Prefer walking distance or hop ONE bus to the Hengdian Studios yet have food around. Is there a popular hotel where the filming crew and actors stay when filming in studio? Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Jones | May. 14, 2017 20:36

There are many hotels of different levels in Hengdian for your choice. For 4-star hotels, I would recommend the International Conference Center Hotel, Foison Jewel Grand Hotel and International Trade Hotel. You may have the chance to meet the filming crew and actors at these hotels.

If you prefer 3-star hotels, then Tourism Hotel and Hengdian World Studios Movie Star Hotel are recommended. There are also some other business hotels and chain hotels, you can go to a hotel booking website for more details.
Asked by ELSIE96 | Mar. 31, 2017 06:12Reply
How much does a taxi costs from Yiwu airport to Hengdien Studios?
Does someone know what the cost is to take a taxi from airport to Hengdien studios? We are also looking for a hotel most convenient to Hengdien studios - any recommendations, please?
Answers (3)
Answered by Lynn | Apr. 01, 2017 02:00

You can take a taxi from the Yiwu airport to Jiangdong Passenger Station, where you take a coach to Hengdian. It takes about one hour.

Answered by ELSIE96 | Apr. 05, 2017 00:29

How late does the bus go? If I arrive at 7 pm or later would there be any more buses? What time is the last bus? Thanks
Answered by Lynn | Apr. 05, 2017 19:50

The last bus departs from Jiangdong Passenger Station at around 19:00, so I am afraid that you can not catch the last bus if you arrive at 7pm. You could take a taxi directly from the airport to Hengdian Studios. It takes around 40 minutes and costs about CNY90-110.
Asked by Jacinda from SINGAPORE | Jan. 16, 2017 00:45Reply
What is the duration of the performance "Breaking the Heavenly Gate Battle Array" in Riverside Scene
Answers (1)
Answered by Sharon | Jan. 16, 2017 01:01

The duration for this performance in Riverside Scene is no more than 15 minutes.
Asked by Jacinda from SINGAPORE | Jan. 15, 2017 21:40Reply
Hi what is the duration for the performance "Myths of the Qing Palace" in Ming and Qing Palace?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sharon | Jan. 15, 2017 23:59

There are three performances in Ming and Qing Palace and the duration for each one is around 20 minutes.
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