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One Day to Hanyangling Mausoleum & Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Hanyangling Mausoleum
Route: Hanyangling Mausoleum - Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Metro Line 2 is easy to find for most Xi'an travelers as it is a north-south line through the heart area of this city. After breakfast, you can take Metro Line 2 to the North Railway Station (Beikezhan) and transfer to Metro Line 14 at Beikezhan (Beiguangchang) Station, which is about 650 meters north of line 2. Note: Beikezhan and Beikezhan (Beiguangchang) are two stations. Beiguangchang means the north sqaure in Chinese. Getting off from Line 14 at Qingong station, you will find the shuttle bus to Hanyangling Mausoleum at the entrance of the metro station. After a visit of 2 to 3 hours, you can reverse the trip back to Beikezhan and take the Metro Line 2 again to Nanshaomen. Leave from Exit A2 and walk westwards for about 800 meters (870 yards) to Jianfu Temple, where the Small Wild Goose Pagoda is located. In the southwest corner of the temple is the Xian Museum for backpackers to have a better understanding of the capital history of Xian.
Hanyangling MausoleumIt is the joint burial mausoleum of Emperor Jing of Han (188 - 141 BC) and his empress. You can walk along a glass corridor in an underground museum, which is the burial pit of the emperor, to have a close contact with these treasures. Historical items discovered from these pits, such as weapons and daily necessities, are displayed in an exhibition hall, and the most distinctive exhibits are the pottery figures including cavalrymen, warriors, and servants.
Small Wild Goose PagodaThis pagoda is located in the Jianfu Temple and was built in 707 AD as the 15-storey depositary of Buddhist sutras originally, but the top 2 floors were destroyed during several earthquakes. Although not very prosperous, you can surely feel calmed there as the pagoda and halls inside are all in the shade of lush trees, and there is seldom noise but only the birds' twittering. Climbing the wooden stairway inside the pagoda to the top, you will have a full view of the surroundings.
Xian MuseumIt is regarded the best place to delve into the past of Xi'an. There are models of Xi'an City in different periods from Zhou Dynasty (1046 - 256 BC) to the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) to let you know the changes of the city and people's living conditions. You can also enjoy precious relics unearthed around Xi'an, including tri-colored glazed potteries of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD), bronze mirrors of the Sui Dynasty (581 – 618 AD), and diverse exquisite ceramics.
1. You may consider getting a tour guide at the Hanyangling Mausoleum in order to gain more background knowledge of this place, and the fare is listed here:
Underground MuseumCNY 120
Archaeological Exhibition HallCNY 80
Price for both museumsCNY 200
Audio guide device CNY 20 with deposit CNY 100
Please note: Due to the pandemic COVID-19, the tour guide might not be available. Please check before you visit there.
2. You can also attend the simulation archaeological excavation at Hanyangling Mausoleum under the directions of the experts. If interested, you need to make the reservation one week in advance and the fare is CNY 150 per hour.
3. Xi'an Museum is closed on Tuesdays. Avoid doing this independent Xian tour on that day if you want to visit the museum.
Hanyangling MausoleumMarch ~ November: CNY 90
December ~ February: CNY 65
Jianfu TempleFree
Small Wild Goose PagodaCNY 30
Xian MuseumFree
*Show valid passport to enter the museum
Metro Beikezhan (Beiguangchang) to Qingong of Line 14: CNY 3
Beikezhan to Nanshaomen of Line 2: CNY 5
Shuttle bus to Hanyangling Mausoleum CNY 5
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