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Xian Independent Tour to Luoyang

Day 1 Xian - Luoyang
Longmen Grottoes
During or after your independent visit in Xian, you may schedule a side trip to Luoyang if your time permits. Please set out early and find your way to Xian North Railway Station this morning. You can take subway line 2 or buses No. 108, 263, 264, 265, 266, 329, 360, 362, 723, 727 which is convenient to you. Board a high-speed train to Luoyang Longmen. To save time, it is advisable to book the train tickets and have it delivered to you in advance. The high-speed train G1712 0810/0951 and G2002 0820/1017 are recommended for either of them rides less than 2 hours. Since the check-in usually starts 30 minutes before departure and stops 5 minutes before, you need to plan your time well.

Upon arrival at Luoyang Longmen Railway station, follow the station signs and you will be led to 1F transfer hall for exiting. Walk southward for about 30 meters from the exit, you will find bus No. 71, which can take you to Longmen Grottoes at a cost of CNY 1. Alternatively, you can also find a taxi in the front square of the exit, and then get to Longmen Grottoes in less than 20 minutes and the cost is about CNY 18. Longmen Caves is among the four most noted grottoes in China, showcasing the prosperity of Buddhism and Buddhist art in Northern Wei Dynasty 1,500 years ago. There were 2,345 grottoes with 2,680 statues, over 70 stupas and 2680 inscribed stone tablets densely carved on the cliff of the mountains. The recommended time for a visit here is 4 hours.

Afterwards, we suggest you take a taxi back to downtown area of Luoyang and find a hotel and check-in. For your information, Luoyang Longmen Youth Hostel is popular among backpackers. If you still have time, you may visit the Museum of Luoyang Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and Chariot Pits, which is located in the northeast part of Luoyang City. It was built on the archeological site to display the giant horses and chariots sacrificial pits of over two thousand years ago.
Day 2 Luoyang Exit
Pagoda forest in Shaolin Temple
Today we suggest you visit the famous Shaolin Temple, which is the birthplace of Chinese Kongfu. Please find your own way to Luoyang Railway Station first. Buses No. 6, 14, K2, 28, 33, 40, 46, 48, 50, 51, 52, 55, K56, K68, K81, 83, 103 all have stops at this station. Then you will easily find Luoyang Bus Station located on east of the railway station. Here you can take the regular bus for Xuchang/ Xinmi, which stops by Shaolin Temple. The bus is available every 30 minutes, and the fare is CNY 24. You will arrive at the Shaolin temple in two hours.

Highlight of Shaolin Temple is the Kungfu show performed by Shaolin monks. Besides, the Pagoda Forest on the west side of the temple, which is the largest group of ancient pagodas currently preserved in China, also deserves your time. It is the place where the abbots and eminent monks of Shaolin temple were buried. Generally speaking, 2 to 3 hours are needed for sightseeing here.

Afterwards, you can find bus back to Louyang from the parking lot at the entrance of Shaolin Temple. Now your 2-day independent Luoyang tour comes to an end. You can take high-speed train G861 1636/1817 or G1895 1649/1839 back to Xian. Alternatively, you may continue your trip to Beijing by taking the high-speed train G664 1619/2025 or G666 1734/2131. For those who want to travel to Shanghai, you can take high speed train G1938 1632/2126 or G1934 1638/2226.

Admission Fee for sightseeing spots for this 2-day independent travel plan:
Longmen GrottoesCNY 100 (including grottoes on East and West Hills, Xiangshan Temple and Bai Garden)
Museum of Luoyang Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and Chariot PitsMain site: CNY 30;
Branch site: CNY 10;
Join ticket : CNY 35
Shaolin TempleCNY 110 (including CNY 10 for electric bus)
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Questions & Answers
Asked by James from CHINA | Mar. 28, 2016 11:21Reply
Taixing Shan bus ?
"Huanshan Bus No.2 goes to the mountain directly" - are you sure ?

I checked the Xi'an city bus route maps and the Huanshan 2 bus final stop is called "Dong Shang Yu", which looks to be some 10 kilometres away from the mountain ? There is also a Taixingshan stop, 5 stops before the last one, but that is much much further away from the mountain on the map.

Can you please confirm that the bus stops at the foot of the mountain, and which stop do we get off the bus ? Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin | Mar. 29, 2016 03:27

I suggest you take bus no. 917 to Kuyu and then find a minibus to take you to the foot of the mountain(about CNY5 per person). This route is safer and better.
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