Hiroshima Weather in May

Season: Late spring

Hiroshima weather in May becomes warm, as the temperature rises to 20℃ (68℉) at average. The average highest temperature goes up to 24℃ (75.2℉) or so, while the lowest one is around 16℃ (60.8℉) at night. It has been the late spring already, and summer is coming soon. By late May, it is perhaps a little hot in Hiroshima. It becomes somewhat humid in May, but the rainfall doesn’t increase much. Hiroshima weather in May is sunny at most times. Long shirt, hoodie, thin cardigan, and light pants are proper in Hiroshima during May.

Averages for Hiroshima Weather in May

Temperature: 20°C / 68°F
High Temperature: 24°C / 75.2°F
Low Temperature: 16°C / 60.8°F
Humidity: 64%
Rainfall: 170 mm
Rainy Days: 10 days
Sunrise: 04:59 ~ 05:21
Sunset: 18:54 ~ 19:17

What to Wear in Hiroshima in May

Long shirt, long-sleeve T-shirt, hoodie, light pants, or clothes similar are right to wear in Hiroshima in May. One can also top with a thin jacket, especially during early May. To late May with higher temperature, T-shirt, half-sleeve clothes, or short-sleeve shirt is suitable in the day.
Hiroshima Clothes in May May Wear in Hiroshima

Top Things to Do in Hiroshima in May

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Hiroshima Flower Festival is held annually in early May in Hiroshima. There is a grand parade and the display of various flowers and art works decorated with flowers. Multiple stages are set up along Heiwa-Odori Boulevard, where singing and dancing performances can be watched. Besides, Koinobori, the carp streamers, are hanged everywhere to celebrate Boys’ Day. 

Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park are visit-worthy to learn the dreadful history of war. Also, in the good climate, cycling along Shimanami Kaido is joyful to see the charming scenery of Seto Inland Sea. Cycling to Onomichi, one can go to Senko-ji Park and overlook the old town on the observatory, or stroll through the sloped walkways and try renowned local ramen.


It’s quite warm in Hiroshima during May, or even a little hot in late May. Thus, it would be better to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen cream, etc., particularly when cycling or going outdoors.
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