Hiroshima Weather in April

Season: Spring

It tends to be mild and warm in Hiroshima during April, with the temperature hovering around 11-20℃ (51.8-68℉) averagely. For the temperature becomes stable gradually, Hiroshima weather in April turns to be quite pleasant. It rains lightly sometimes, and the total rainfall throughout the month accumulates to 135mm. However, the night is still cool in Hiroshima in April, thus requiring a thicker outerwear on the top. Blouse, hoodie, jacket, jeans, etc. are advised for Hiroshima tour in April. The cherry blossoms bloom till early April.

Averages for Hiroshima Weather in April

Temperature: 16°C / 60.8°F
High Temperature: 20°C / 68°F
Low Temperature: 11°C / 51.8°F
Humidity: 60%
Rainfall: 135 mm
Rainy Days: 10 days
Sunrise: 05:22 ~ 05:58
Sunset: 18:31 ~ 18:54

Clothes to Wear in Hiroshima in April

In view of mild Hiroshima climate in April, it’s recommended to wear blouse, hoodie, thin trench coat, leather jacket, jeans, thin sweatpants, or clothes similar. Sneakers, casual shoes, or other comfortable ones are good to explore the city, and a mask should be prepared if you are sensitive or even allergic to pollens and catkins.
Hiroshima Clothes in April April Wear in Hiroshima

Top Things to Do in Hiroshima in April

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In Hiroshima, cherry blossoms are in blossom from mid-late March to early April. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is popular for the cherry blossoms appreciation, and the Atomic Bomb Dome. Hijiyama Park and Miyajima Island are also beautiful places to admire cherry blossoms. On Miyajima Island, Miyajima Machiya Street is worth a visit, to experience the Japanese vibe with old shops and houses on sides.

Hiroshima weather in April is proper for a cycling tour, and Shimanami Kaido along the coast of Seto Inland Sea is a hot route to enjoy seascape while cycling. Have you ever heard of Rabbit Island in Hiroshima? This is just Okunoshima Island, where has no permanent residents but hundreds of rabbits. Now, Okunoshima Island has been a holiday destination to have a leisure day, and watch great landscapes as well as cute rabbits.


1. Visitors who have hay fever should take a mask while enjoying cherry blossoms, in order to prevent allergies.

2. There is no bunny food sold on Okunoshima Island, so you may take some, like carrots or other vegetables to the island, if you want to feed the rabbits. There is a resort on the island now, thus, it’s OK to stay overnight there if it’s too late to get back to the mainland.
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