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Mt. Wudang & Shennongjia

Day 1 Xian – Wudangshan

Hubei Province, bordering Shaanxi, boasts a significant history and splendid culture. Here we would like to recommend a tour to Wudang Mountain Scenic Zone and Shennongjia Natural Reserve for you to appreciate the charm of Shaanxi's neighbor.
Mt. Wudang
Mt. Wudang in Hubei Province
Take a bus from Xian bus station (opposite Xian Railway Station) to Wudangshan Town. The buses depart from Xian at 09:00 and 14:30 and arrive in Wudangshan Town in about 4 hours and costs CNY 129 per person. Alternatively, you can take one of the buses that depart at 07:30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:30, and 18:00 and arrive at Shiyan City in 3 hours. The bus fare is CNY 129 per person. Upon arrival in Shiyan city, take a bus at Shiyan south station to Wudangshan directly which takes another 45 minutes and costs CNY 7. For accommodation in Wudangshan, we would like to recommend the Wudanshan Hotel at No.33 Yongle Road. Take a taxi to the hotel at CNY10 and check in for two nights.
Day 2 Mt. Wudang

Get up in the early morning and take a taxi to the foot of Mt. Wudang at CNY 20. Alternatively, you may get there on foot within 20 minutes. The ticket is CNY246, including the entrance fee, sightseeing bus in the attraction, a map, and the insurance; excluding the entrance fee for Grand Purple Cloud Palace (CNY 15) and Golden Palace (CNY 20). Apart from the sightseeing car, cable car (CNY 90 upward and CNY 80 downward in peak season; CNY 70 upward and CNY 60 downward in low season, November to January) is also available. Recommended route: take the sightseeing bus to Qiongtai Peak and connect the cable car or climb to the Golden Palace, the top of the mountain. Then get back by bus and stop at Prince Slope, South Crag Palace, and Purple Could Palace. Finally, get off at the foot of the mountain. You may take private tourist cars for transferring between the sites at the cost of around CNY10 - CNY20 for each way. After a rich day tour, go back to the hotel in the town for a good rest.
Day 3 Wudangshan - Shennongjia

In the morning, take the bus to Shennongjia at the foot of Mt. Wudang; alternatively, take a coach from the bus station (next to the railway station) to Fangxia County in 3 hours and CNY38 per person. Upon arrival in Fangxia, you can have lunch and visit the Wild Men Cave. Then connect a coach to visit the Swallow Cave. Afterward, get on a bus to Hongping Town and check in at a local hotel. Recommended hotel is the 2-star Hongping Hotel.
Day 4 Shennongjia
Mt. Wudang
Golden Temple on the Wudang Mountain

In the morning, hire a car (CNY 350 – 400 per day) to visit the Hongpin Gallery, which boasts beautiful trees, caves, peaks and peaks. Then climb to Shennong Summit - the highest mountain of Shennongjia (CNY140). After lunch, you can follow the sign posts to visit Banbi Rock, Wangnong Pavilion, and Watch Tower, Fengjing Ya, Golden Monkey Ridge, and Alpine Meadow. Around 17:00, get to Muyu Town and check in at a local guesthouse. If you travel in winter, Shengnongjia is also a good place for skiing.
Day 5 Shennongjia

Proceed with the dream-like Shennongjia tour. Hire a car to visit The Shennong Altar (CNY 20), which is in memory of the Chinese's ancestor, Shennongshi. Then visit the Source of France Stream. Get back to the guesthouse in Muyu Town. At night, you can also take a taxi to join in the campfire party by the Shennong Stream.
Day 6 Shenongjia – Xian

Early in the morning, take a coach to Shiyan city (around 5 hours). Then catch the bus to Xian. The first bus runs hourly from 08:00 to 18:00 and costs CNY 130.
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