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As the cradle of the farming civilization of China, Yangling is located about 50 miles (82 kilometers) west of Xian. In the year 1997, the country's sole agricultural high-tech industry demonstration base has been built here. For those who are interested in seeing the agricultural modernization of China, you can take a one day side trip to Yangling from Xian.
Entomological Museum in Yangling, Xian
The train trip from Yangling to Xian takes only 1 hour or so depart from Xian Railway Station to Yangling. The fare is CNY 14.5 for a hard seat. A bullet train is also available at 07:30 from Xian Railway Station. It arrives at Yangling 35 minutes later and the fare is CNY 27.5 for a second class seat and CNY 44 for first class seat. If you prefer bus, you can take a bus No. 212, 222, 223, 224, K225, 23, 234, 252,301, 303, 316, 722, 701, 729, or 901 to Xian West Long-distance Bus Station and coach connections to Yangling. The coach runs every 10 minutes from 06:50 to 19:30. The trip to Yangling takes about 1.5 hours and costs CNY 23 per person.
Upon arrival at Yangling, head westward for about 109 yards (100 meters), you will find the Museum Garden of Northwest A & F University, a showcase of the agricultural technology of China. The admission fee is CNY 60. The Garden is composed of five museums: an Entomological Museum, a Zoological Museum, an Agricultural History Museum, a Botanical Museum, and an Agrologic Museum.
The Entomological Museum was the first state-run of its kind in China. More than 1.2 million insect specimens from China and abroad are housed there. Not surprisingly, the museum's design looks like a ladybird.
Agricultural Technology Exhibition Park in Yangling, Xian
The Zoological Museum is home to over 8,000 animal specimens and fossils. Some of the species are rare and a few are endangered. There are eight exhibition halls depicting animals' origins and evolution.

The Agricultural History Museum tells the story of China's rich and centuries-old agriculture, through a collection of over 2,000 farm implements and relics, and over 50,000 traditional thread-bound ancient books. Visitors can also enjoy the extensive gallery of historical photographs.

The Botanical Museum contains nearly 550,000 plant specimens. What's more, many rare trees and flowers are also planted there, including some endangered wild species.
In the four exhibition halls of the Agrologic Museum, there are exhibits about the formation and evolution of soil, how earth is classified in China, and the distribution of different types of earth. Also, you will find out the distribution of different types of soil in the world. At last, you will learn the relationship between earth and our daily life.
Agricultural History Museum in Yangling, Xian
After visiting the museum you can have lunch at a nearby restaurant. We suggest that you have a taste of the locally famous noodles, long, wide and flat noodles to be dipped into tomato sauce with green vegetable.

In the afternoon, you can pay a visit to the site of China's Yangling Agriculture Hi-tech Fair. This fair is held in every November, during which agricultural products from all over the world can be seen, such as the world's largest pumpkin and “artificial soil” for pot plants.

Take a taxi or bus to Yangling Railway Station, and when your sightseeing is done, take a train or bus back to Xian. The last bus leaves Yangling at 19:30, and the last bullet train runs at 20:28.
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