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One of the gates to Mt. Huashan

Located in Huayin County in Shaanxi Province, Mt. Huashan is renowned for its steep cliff and overhanging rocks. Being one of the Five Sacred Mountains, Mt Huashan is the most precipitous mountain in China. It has five imposing peaks with the northern one being the highest. Its caggedness is a challenge for climbers. Any climbers who claim themselves brave should climb Mt. Huashan at least once. Attraction Intro: Mt. Huashan

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  • One of the gates to Mt. Huashan
  • As one of the most precipitous mountains, the steps on Mt. Huashan are very steep.
  • The steps are almost vertical and climbers need to use both their feet and hands. So bring a pair of gloves if you plan to climb the mountain.
  • A Mt. Huashan carrier. He is carrying luggage onto the mountain top for his clients.
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