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Great Buddha Temple is famous for its giant Buddha, 20 meters high. The grottoes stand against the stone mountain with rooms dug out of the rock, statues carved out of the stone, buildings constructed in wood and pavilions high in the air. On the 400-meter-long rock surface are dotted with 130 carves, 446 shrines, 1,980 different sized statues and tens of inscriptions by the past celebrities. The statues are carved with clear lines and elegant shape. Attraction Intro: Great Buddha Temple
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Asked by Mrs.Junck from MALAYSIA | Aug. 02, 2009 06:54Reply
Hi there - My husband & I are planning on a trip to China around 17-Sep-09. From my little bit research, I gathered that I should be taking a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and then to Xi'an (without spending overnight in Guangzhou). Then, we would be spending 3 nights in Xi'an before taking a train to Beijing. I have a few questions - How much does it cost to get a local tour guide in Xi'an and Beijing (for our Great Wall of China trip)? We do not speak Mandarin or Cantonese - are tour guides advisable then? I have been to Beijing several times before but my friend was living there, so I never had to travel on my own in the city.
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Answered by Mr.lina from CN | Aug. 04, 2009 04:07

Actually the cost of hiring a local tour guide is high. You can follow a tour. A good travel agecy can offer you experienced guide who will make your trip much more easier.
Asked by Ms.Haslinda from SINGAPORE | Apr. 02, 2009 21:07Reply
My family and I intend to go to Xi'an on our own this June. Would 5 days be sufficient to cover the main historical sites? To minimize the need to change hotels frequently, can we just stay at one place and do the sightseeing from there? If yes, where should we base ourselves, and how should we cover the place? Thank you.
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Answered by Ms.linda from CHINA | Apr. 03, 2009 00:14

Five days is enough for visiting Xi'an. you can stay in one hotel near the city center, on the first day you can visit the warriors , the second day you can visit the city, such as the city wall, the pogoda,the museum,etc.on the 3day you can visit the mountain Hua, on the 4th day you can visit the famen temple and the Qianling mausoleum.
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