Terra-Cotta Warrior Replica

Terra-Cotta Warrior Replica

Photos of reproduction Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses for reference. If you are interested in any of them, please click to see the details.

Pictures you've seen are the life-size replica of the Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses figurines. We also customize a variety of specification on demand including 1/2, 1/3, 3/4.

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  • Armor-Clad General Armor-Clad General
  • Kneeling Archer Kneeling Archer
  • General with Beard General with Beard
  • Emperor Qinshihuang Emperor Qinshihuang
  • Junior Officer Junior Officer
  • Standing Archer Standing Archer
  • Cavalrymen and Saddle Horse Cavalrymen and Saddle Horse
  • Saddle Horse Saddle Horse
  • Officer Officer
  • Bronze Armor-Clad General Bronze Armor-Clad General
  • Bronze Kneeling Archer Bronze Kneeling Archer
  • Officer Heads Officer Heads

Production Process of Terra-Cotta Warrior Replica

A combination of molding and sculpturing were employed to fashion the terra-cotta figurines in the Qin Mausoleum.Traditional sculpturing methods used included layering, pinching, pasting, carving and painting. Long strips of clay were layered to form the rough outline of the body, with the pasting, pinching and carving methods employed to add robes and armor. Fashioning heads represented a comparatively complicated process. Facial features were achieved using a mold, with piling and sculpting used to form the back of the head. Ears were pasted to the heads prior to adding sculpted or molded hair buns. Refinements such as eyes, eyebrows, mouths, mustaches and ears were carefully carved to reveal the desired personality for the figurine.

 Life-Size Warrior Production Process

  • Molding step
  • Shape of body
  • Ready for baking
  • Ready for baking
  • Ready for baking
  • Ready for baking
  • Individual parts
  • Pasting parts together
  • Head added
  • Painted with ink
  • Coat with yellow mud
  • Packing

 Small Warrior Production Process

  • infilling with mud
  • exquisite carving skill
  • perfect coloring
  • refinement of the finished
  • archaic packing

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