Inner Mongolia Bicycle Tour

16 Days of Hohhot - Datong - Baotou - Yinchuan
  Route: Hohhot - Huitengxile Grassland - Jining - Datong - Youyu - Qingshuihe - Tuoketuo - Tumote Youqi - Baotou - Wulate Qianqi - Wuyuan - Linhe - Dengkou - Wuhai - Shizuishan - Yinchuan
Day 1 Arrival in Hohhot
Inner Mongolia is a vast area with fascinating grasslands and deserts. It can give you a broad view and make you feel leisure as you step onto this land. Now let's follow this route to explore the unique place.

This bicycle tour starts from Hohhot. On the first day of your arrival, nothing will set for you. You are advised to stay at Mengzhilv Business Hotel (Address: 155 Xinhua Avenue, Xincheng District, Hohhot; Telephone: 0471-6655222) which is only 3km away from the railway station. Go and have a look around at will.
Day 2 Hohhot - Zhuozi - Huitengxile Grassland
On the second day, get prepared and then ride east to get to Zhuozi County. After reaching there, cycle northeast to the Huitengxile Grassland. Check in at a local yurt. Have a little break and then get out of the yurt to ride on the boundless grassland. Enjoying the nomadic free life as you are riding.
Day 3 Huitengxile Grassland - Jining
On the morning of the third day, get up early to appreciate the sunrise scenery of the grassland. After having breaklfast, continue your riding to Jining. Jining is a region belongs to the city of Wulanchabu. You can pay a visit to the Tiger Hill upon your arrival there.
Day 4 Jining - Fengzhen - Datong
On the fourth day, ride south to Fengzhen first and then to Datong.
Day 5 Datong
Stay one more day at Datong to visit the ancient Chinese architectures there.
Day 6 Datong - Youyu
On the morning of the sixth day, cycle west to Youyu county of Shuozhou city.
Day 7 Youyu - Qingshuihe
Carry on your cycling to Qingshuihe county on the seventh day. Stay overnight at a local hotel to recover your strength.
Day 8 Qinghsuihe - Tuoketuo
We will ride northwest to Tuoketuo on the eighth day.
Day 9 Tuoketuo - Tumote Youqi - Baotou
Proceed to cycle to Tumote Youqi and then to Baotou on the ninth day. You are suggested to stay at Super 8 Hotel Baotou (Address: Shaoxian Road, Qingshan District, Baotou; Telephone: 0472-6975555).
Day 10 Baotou - Wulate Qianqi
Heading for Wulate Qianqi on the tenth day. They are about 120km away from each other. En route, visit Aobao, cone-shaped tower made of stone.
Day 11 Wulate Qianqi - Wuyuan - Linhe
On the eleventh day, cycle about 65km to Wuyuan and then another 85km to Linhe. View the fertile fields and see beekeepers and their beehives along the road. Please kindly note that the way close to Linhe is a little tough and you have to cycle along slopes.
Day 12 Linhe - Dengkou
On the twelveth day, riding southwest along the No. 110 natrional road to get to Dengkou.
Day 13 Dengkou - Sanshenggong Hydraulic Project - Wuhai
Cycle southeast on the thirteenth day to Sanshenggong Hydraulic Project and overlook the Yellow River on the Yellow River Bridge. Then cycle south to Wuhai via the narrow part of Tengeli Desert. En route, enjoy desert scenery.
Day 14 Wuhai - Shizuishan
On the fourteenth day, go on with your cycling to Shizuishan. Appreciate the beautiful countryside scenery while you are riding. Stop at anywhere you want to have a short stay to relax yourself and to have close contact with the nature.

Day 15 Shizuishan - Pingluo - Yinchuan
On the fifteenth day of this bicycle tour, you will get to Yinchuan of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region via Pingluo. Go to visit the Mingcuihu wetland ecological area which is at the east suburban of Yinchuan after arriving there. You can stay overnight at Home Inn (Address: 189 North Zhongshan Avenue, Xingqing District, Yinchuan; Telephone:021-51096888) to have enough sleep.
Day 16 Departure from Yinchuan
Leave Yinchuan according to your schedule on the sixteenth day.
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!