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Jilin01: Changbai Mountain
Ranked as one of the most sightworthy tourist attractions in China, Changbai Mountain is sure to lighten your trip with its unique charm and beauty. The North Slope is usually the first choice for most new comers due to its complete tourist facilities and well-developed scenic spots.

Erdaobaihe Town is the gate to reach the North Slope. There are only 20 kilometers in between. You may charter a van with other travelers to keep the price lower. You can buy the admission tickets at the cost of CNY100.00 net and climb the mountain after you approach the gate of the North Slope. Taking the environment friendly bus is necessary for you to reach each site. It takes CNY68.00 net per person. You are highly recommended the route along Heavenly Lake - Waterfall - Small Heavenly Lake - Hot Spring - Underground Forest. It is our suggestion that you set off after breakfast. Don't forget to take some food and drinking water.

When the stairway from the Waterfall to the Heavenly Lake is to be done next year, it becomes much easier for you to visit the lake. The admission fee for the Waterfall is CNY10.00.

The road to the highest peak of the Heavenly Lake is pretty rugged. Thus, you need to take the off-road vehicle at the cost of CNY80.00 to save time and energy. After you arrive at the main peak you should climb a steep sand slope to see the Heavenly Lake. Skidproof shoes should be in your first consideration. Enjoying the nice scenery and taking some beautiful pictures there. The next stop is the Waterfall, you can take a rest and have some appreciation there. Afterwards, you will come to the Hot Spring where the boiled eggs are sold. You can get 4 eggs with ten Yuan. Besides, corns, duck eggs and hams are to be found there. You can refresh yourselves by tasting some. Paying a visit at the Small Heavenly Lake is also not a bad choice. It is the place where the classical Chinese TV opera Flying Fox of the Mountain was shot.

Afterwards, take a coach to the Underground Forest. You need to walk about 1.5 kilometers along the plank road to reach the nice natural beauty. Your one day exploration can be over from there. What's more, the weather on Changbai Mountain is easily changeable, so an overcoat is quite necessary for you.

If the North Slope of Changbai Mountain is the most labor saving and  popular way, the West Slope is definitely the most poetic and  picturesque way without any exaggeration. Some may think it can't rival  the North Slope in popularity and tourist facilities. As a matter of  fact, the outlook there is far too impressive and breathtaking. You will  be taken there for some exciting experience by this route. It is worth  mentioning that you have to climb about 1365 steps to reach the Heavenly  Lake. Please keep it in mind that you can appreciate the best view of  sunset at the Heavenly Lake in the West Slope. When it comes to July  every year, the West Slope becomes much attractive and colorful because  of the decoration of clusters of flowers. The scenery reaches to the  height when the flowers are in full blossom. No matter where you stand,  you can't miss the nice view. The admission fee is CNY60.00 per person.  If you take interests, you can hike about 2 hours further to see the  real Jinjiang Waterfall.

Jinjiang Grand Canyon is also ranked as one of the spot visitors must go to. It is factually the cleavage formed under the effect of the earthquake when the volcano was in eruption. There occurred different sorts of rocks made of pozzolana as well as the brooks. If you are powerful enough, you can reach the bottom of the canyon along the path. You will pass by a piece of virgin forest before seeing the canyon. Don't pick up the wild fungus or plants arbitrarily, because some are poisonous.

The nearest and most prosperous county from the West Slope is Songjianghe Town. Even CNY30.00 can accommodate your needs in food and lodgings. Definitely, the condition can't live up to your expectation. There are trains running between Erdaobaihe and Songjianghe Town, which makes the travel easy. There is still half hour's drive from the town to the gate of West Slope. You'd better take a van to be there.

Different sceneries are presented from different perspectives. You will be touched deeply after you have a see at the South Slope. In the eyes of some people, the view from the South Slope makes them unforgettable. Comparing with the other slopes, it is much time consuming and convenient to visit the Heavenly Lake from the South Slope. The vehicle can be driven to the lakeside directly.

You can see the mere stone of China here. The poplar trees have been in different shapes due to the weathering for long, it becomes one particular site here. The uniqueness of the South Slope lies at its countless beauty along the journey and you can't help taking breathtaking pictures here.
Jilin02: 2-Days' Self Arrangement near Jilin
The lifelikeness of Bao'an Sleeping Buddha makes you admire, the grace of Lafa Mountain put you in surprise, and the oldness of Dunhua Old Town let you forget to go back home after your visit. Today you are advised to go out of Jilin City and track the trail of the natural magnificence in person. Get up early in the morning and have yourselves fully prepared. You need to take the bus to Jiaohe at Jilin Coach Station and get off when you arrive at the first stop - Bao'an Sleeping Buddha. It lies about 322 to 327 kilometers on Tuwu Road in Bao'an village. It is best to see it at 324 kilometers on Tuwu Road, because different postures are presented seen from different perspectives. It is actually a mountain winding like a shape of huge sleeping Buddha. On northwest lies the head and southeast the feet. It is worth mentioning that the chin is pretty lifelike. It costs CNY40 per person. Afterwards, continue your journey to Lafa Mountain by bus, which is located about 17 kilometers north of Jiaohe city. Belonging to the Changbai Mountain ranges, it was approved as the National Forest Park in 1995. It is open from 08: 00 to 17: 00 with the cost of CNY20 per person. The ruggedness of Lafa Mountain even frightens people, because there are only 30 centimeters at the narrowest point. Overlooking the mountain you can see bottomless abyss. It is even more dangerous to climb Jacob's ladder. The noted scenery covers Qipan Peak, Qibuxian, North Wind Orifice, Sheep Hanging Cave, which are quite awesome. Of course, there have been equipped with steps, railing, guardrails in the places of danger, so your security is assured. You can climb up the summit to overlook the great nature. Much pleasure of exploration is added in your trip here. In the evening, you can lodge at Jiaohe hotel. It is located at No. 27 Minzhu Road Jiaohe, you may call the number 0432--7250888 to reserve the room in advance. 
Have a good sleep and get energetic again on the second day morning. Take the bus to Dunhua along National Way 302 and you will arrive at your destination within 3 hours. If you are lucky enough to buy the soft seat train tickets, you can get to Dunhua city in about 2 hours. It is an old town with a history of a thousand year as well as a forest city in Changbai Mountain area. You can see the tomb clusters and the Aodong city ruins on your own. The rustic folk custom and folk materials of Manchu can be seen everywhere here. You will not be upset by Chinese profoundness and precious historic relics. If you are not meant to leave Dunhuang today, you can stay at the local Jinghua Grand Hotel to enjoy more relaxation and happy time on your own. You may call the number 0433-6267006 to reserve the room. As for food, you can taste the dumplings, barbeque, hotpots etc. Your self exploration ends here.
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Asked by Per Olof holtz from SWEDEN | Sep. 27, 2019 05:23Reply
Hiking tour?
Do you arrange 1day viking your in the mountain area on och 7. We, two persons aged 67, stay close to jilin University in changchun.
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I'm sorry that we do not arrange Changbai Mountain hiking, this itinerary is just for reference. Thanks for your attention.
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