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Dalian Hiking Tours

Dalian 01: 2 Days Dalian - Zhuanghe - Bingyu Valley - Xianrendong Town - Tianmen Mountain - Dalian

From Dalian, take Metro Line 1 or 2 to Dalianbei Railway Station, where you can take high-speed train to Zhuanghe at about CNY60 (second-class seat). The whole ride takes about 1.5 hours. The trains depart about every 1 hour. At Zhuanghe change to a coach to Bingyu Valley. The transportation is very convenient in China. You can arrange your lunch based on your time. After lunch, you can start to enjoy the beautiful scene of Bingyu Valley. The admission fee is CNY148.

We suggest that you enter from the eastern gate and exit from the south gate. You can stay overnight at Xianrendong Town which is located only 40 kilometers away from Bingyu Valley. The bus to Xianrendong will cost about CNY10. At Xianrendong Town, the hostel will cost CNY 60 to 200 per person.

For the next day, your destination is mainly Tianmen Mountain, situated only 30 kilometers away from Xianrendong Town. Before departure, we suggest you buy food for lunch since the price in the scenic spot is rather high. The bus to Tianmen Mountain will take about half an hour. While there visit Buddha Caves, Tianmen Peak and Tianmen Lake. Take the bus back to Dalian in the afternoon.

Dalian 02: 1 Day Dalian

Dalian is a beautiful seashore city. The most famous park there is the Laohutan Ocean Park, lying in the southern part of the city. To get there you can take Metro Line 5 or bus number 2, 4, 402 or 403. You will first arrive at Carved Tigers Square, the symbol of this park. Be sure to take a picture with the carvings. Try to figure out how many tigers there are! The ticket for the whole area is CNY220. You may need 4-5 hours to explore every spot. The Bird-singing Woods, the Coral Hall, the Pole Aquarium and the 4D cinema are highlights of the area. Walk south along the road . You will feel the charm of the fresh air and white waves of the blue sea. Do not hesitate to jump into the water if you are a swimming enthusiast. Continue your walking and go through the North Great Bridge (Beidaqiao). Pass by Xiuyuefeng Scenery, Yanwoling Scenery, Xiuyue Park and you will reach Fujiazhuang Park. Go on along the Binhai Road and you will finally get to Xinghai Square. About 1 hour is needed to look around. Xinghai Square which is located about 6-7 kilometers away from the North Great Bridge.

Fengcheng 01: 5 Days Dalian - Fengcheng - Phoenix Mountain - Fengcheng - Kuandian - Qingshan Valley - Kuandian - Dandong- Shenyang

There are 3 high-speed trains from Dalian to Fengcheng, which departs at 08:27, 12:42, and 16:24. The train fare is CNY122.5 for second-class seat and CNY195.5 for first-class. The ride takes from 2h 36 minutes to 3h 25 minutes. At Fengcheng, take a taxi to Phoenix Mountain from the square in front of the railway station. The fare is about CNY10. The admission fee is CNY80. Stay overnight in the mountain.

In the morning, keep on hiking on the mountain. In the afternoon, go back to Fengcheng and take a coach at 15:30 to Kuandian. The fare is CNY29.5. After about a 2-hour journey, you will arrive in Kuandian where you can stay overnight.

The next day, take a bus from the bus station to Qingshan Valley. You need to spend about 2 hours and CNY25.5. The bus does not go to the entrance so you will need to walk there from the bus stop. This large scenic area includes Qingshan Lake, Fountain Gully and Hutang Valley. You may need more than one day to see all of them.

The fourth whole day is for you to go hiking in Qingshan Valley.

Go back to Kuandian and take a coach to Hushan Great Mountain. The bus departs every 30 minutes and it takes you about 1.5 hours on the way. The price is about CNY20-25. The admission fee of Hushan is CNY50. Climb up the Great Wall and you can see North Korea in the south. After you reach the highest beacon tower, do not retrace your way. Get down from the south, and at the waist of the mountain, you will see a path with steel handrails on both sides. Follow this path and you will have a little adventure. Take a bus to Dandong. When you arrive in Dandong, buy a train ticket to Shenyang. Walk along Yalu River if time permits.

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