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Chengdu Hiking Tours

Chengdu01: 2 Days Great Excursion in Chengdu

We have designed two 2 days itineraries for you. Each one has a distinctive features and will bring you a great hiking experience. Deapart now and much more marvelous things expect your exploration.

Chengdu02: 2 Days Leisure Time in Chengdu

This two day's itinerary bears abundant historical sights and natural sceneries, such as Bifengxia scenic area, Baima Spring, Shangli Ancient town. If you prefer the quiet and clearness of the ancient town, just follow the route right now.

Chengdu03: 3 Days Ethnic Discovery

In this itinerary, you can see the fascinating red leaves blue sky, and the old structures and village of the Qiang and Tibetan Minorities. Autumn and Summer are the best seasons for taking this trip.

Chengdu04: 8 Days Chengdu Outskirt Journey

You will take the advantage of this special hiking experience to enjoy the amazing beautiful grassland with colorful wild flowers, yaks and sheep spread out before your eyes like a delicate carpet.

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