Hanoi Train Station

Traveling to Hanoi will definitely make you use the train station for some occasion or the other. Most of the time tourists travelling north to Sapa or going to catch the Reunification Express need to visit the Hanoi train station. The station is divided into two parts – station A and station B.

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Station A

The station A is the main Hanoi train station which is situated on Le Duan Street and is about two kilometers from the old quarter. Depending on the traffic, it can take around 20 to 25 minutes to reach the station from the old quarter. From the far you can see and imposing grey building which is clearly labeled as Ga Ha Noi.
Hanoi Train Station
Hanoi Train Station
Hanoi Train
Hanoi Train

As you enter through the main door of the train station, you will find the ticket counter on the left hand side. It has the train times and ticket fare displayed on large white posters glued on the wall. However, it is better to check the latest ticket fare from the ticket counter because they might not always be updated. At the entrance of this ticket counter, there is a small machine which has staff helping you. If the machine is working fine, you can take a ticket number and wait for your turn. Once you have the ticket number, it will be called out and also appear on the screen over the ticket booth. Be alert and when your number comes, go in front of the counter to collect your ticket for the journey. It is important that you understand the Vietnamese crowd. There are operators who speak in English, so you might not find it very difficult to understand. however, it is wise is if you can write down where you want to go, the train number, what time and the type of seat in Vietnamese and give it to the operator because not all of them are equipped with the English language.

Before leaving, make sure you check the ticket. Also, have some patience and extra time in hand before you reach the station because getting the tickets can be a lengthy procedure. That said, you can skirt off all these complications because there are agents who can get your tickets well in advance. So, if you ask your hotel or your tour agency to get a ticket you are relieved from all these hassles. However, just for an experience, you can definitely try the counter at Hanoi train station.

Station B

This is for those who want to take the trains to go to the Northern side of the country. This can be reached from the entrance at Tran Quy Cap. You have to walk across the level crossing at Le Duan on the north of the station and take the road to the left to get to the entrance.

The ticket office is opened from 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Although it may be open on other times but these are the official working hours. If you have bought a ticket from a travel agent of one of the private carriages, you can get it exchanged at the relevant desk. These desks are inside the waiting area which is on the right hand side of the ticket office. When you see your train coming up, all you need to do is walk through the gate, get your tickets checked and board the train. The food options in station B are lesser than that of station A but there are plenty of snack foods and pho sellers who stand right outside the gate on the parking area.

What Else Can You Find?

As you get through the main entrance, there is waiting room on the right side. You can get inside this room directly from the parking area. Once your train is ready, you can ask anyone to get your directed to the correct door. There are attendants who can help you board the train. All you have to do is show your ticket. You have to walk over the tracks to reach the platform.

There are a couple of food and drink counters outside the station. There are also some small vendors who sell snacks and drinks and are generally costlier than the minimarts. 

The parking takes around 5,000 Vietnamese Dollar for a motorbike. You can pay in advance and get a ticket. Even if you see that your bike is moved from the place you parked, do not panic.

Train Time Table

Passenger services departing from Hanoi Main Station:

★ 1. To ĐỒNG ĐĂNG (for Beijing)
Train number: M1 (T6 in China) 
Hanoi depart: 18:30 Tuesdays & Fridays only 

★ 2. To Hải Phòng (on weekends and holidays only)
Train number: HP1, LP3, LP5, LP7
Hanoi Depart: 06:00, 09:25, 15:20, 18:15

★ 3. To Lao Cai (For Sapa)
Train Number: YB3, SP1, SP3, SP7
Hanoi Depart: on Friday and Saturday

★ 4. To Saigon, the Reunification Express
Train number: SE9, SE3, SE1, SE7, SE5, SE9
Hanoi depart: 14:25, 19:25, 22:00, 06:00, 08:50, 14:25

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