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 Maling River Canyon Scenic Spot
 Zhaodi Dyke Scenic Spot
 Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks

With the very typical Karst landform, Qianxinan is an ideal tourist destination with charming waters and mountains. Qianxinan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is located at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. This whole area is 16,804 square kilometers (6,488 square miles), of which mountains and hills cover 92 percent.

A visit to Xingyi, Qianxinan

Xingyi City, the capital of Qianxinan, boasts a lot of must-see attractions for tourists. Among those, the most notable ones are Maling River Canyon Scenic Spot, Ten-Thousand-Peak Forest (Wanfeng Lin) and Wanfeng Lake (Ten-Thousand-Peak Lake).  

Maling River Canyon

Maling River runs through the Maling River Canyon which is said to be the scar (an earth crack) on the ground. It is the 100 kilometers (62 miles) long and 200-400 meters (656-1312 feet) deep crack created the most spectacular landscape of the scenic area. Waterfall groups, hanging rocks and cliffs are the highlights in the valley. June to August is the flood season of the Maling River, and it is the best time for drifting.

Ten Thousand Peaks Forest (Wanfenglin)

As its name suggests, it is composed of thousands of weird peaks standing in the southeastern Xingyi City in Guizhou Province. Due to its unique karst landscape and beautiful scenery, it is regarded as a wonder under heaven. Xu Xiake, the famous geographer and traveler in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), couldn't help praising it when he stepped onto this fairy land. He spoke highly of it as "Boundless for several miles, boasts a beautiful view in southwestern China".

Walking in the peaks forest, you can see the villages, fields, bridges, and creeks are harmoniously blended in a beautiful picture. The industrious Buyi People are living a simple but happy life here. Maybe you will envy their sweet life in this heavenly "Shangri-la".

Wanfeng Lake

It is a shining blue stone in the Nanpan River. Lying in Anlong County where Guizhou, Yunnan and Guangxi meet, it was formed by the construction of Tianshengqiao Hydropower Station. "Wanfeng" means "Ten thousands Peaks" in English. The name comes from the surrounding thousands of peaks which embrace the lake. Covering an area of 232 square miles, Wanfeng Lake equals twice the area of Erhai Lake or 76 times West Lake.

Wanfeng Lake presents different beautiful views in the morning, afternoon and evening. There are 90 islets and peninsulas, 12 internal lakes and 96 wetlands. The local people love this God-given amazing lake and give the major scenic spots impressive names according to their shapes such as "celestial tortoise climbing mountain", "the eagle spreading its wings", "wild monkey valley", and "the cat and the mouse playing chess".

In addition, Wanfeng Lake is known as the fishing paradise due to its abundance of fish. The first China Fishing Competition was held here. The experience of evening fishing brings visitors tremendous fun and enjoyment. With the charming views, interesting fishing activities and strong ethnic culture, Wanfeng Lake really deserves your visit when you come to Guizhou.

More Things to Do

Besides Xingyi, Qianxinan comprises another seven counties. Among those, Anlong and Zhenfeng are highly recommended.

Anlong County neighbors Xingyi on the east. It's renowned for the Zhaodi Dyke Scenic Spot. The scenery of the dyke is as beautiful as a painting. Weeping willows, a grand archway, a paddy field, a lake and a lotus pond decorate it into a fantastic wonderland.

Zhenfeng County lies in the north of Qianxinan. The must-see there is Nachan Buyi Culture Village. Nachan Buyi Culture Village has a population of about 867, which is the largest Buyi village in China. Buyi people are good at singing and dancing. Especially, the singing style of ‘Buyi Eight Musical Instruments' is very popular in Zhenfeng. The performance refers to singing and dancing, with a group of 8 to 14 singers. The singers play different roles but they don't make up. They put on performance, accompanied by eight musical instruments. Furthermore, the Mt. Shuangru (Mt. Bosom) is another famous attraction in Zhenfeng. The mountain is shaped like a woman's well-developed breasts, hence the name. A large number of tourists marvel at its uniqueness and think it's the most attractive bosom in this world.

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