Erqi Square, Zhengzhou

Erqi Square is situated in the city center of Zhengzhou, about 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) to Zhengzhou Railway Station. On it stands the Erqi Memorial Tower, which is the landmark of Zhengzhou. The surrounding area is the most prosperous business district of Zhengzhou for shopping, dining and entertaining.

Erqi Memorial Tower

Lying in the center of Erqi Square, Erqi Memorial Tower has been a landmark architecture of the square and the city. It was built in 1971 to memorize the Beijing – Hankou Railway Worker’s Strike on February 7th, 1923. The tower is like two pentagons connecting together. And it looks like a single tower from east and west, but from north and south it is twin towers. In reinforced concrete structure, Erqi Memorial Tower is 64 meters (210 feet) high with 14 floors. 3 floors are the basement and the rest 11 are the body. The top angles of every roof are archaized cornices and the roof is covered with green glazed tiles. The view of the tower is more attracting at night. On the top of the building is a bell tower consisting of 6 bells in a diameter of 2.7 (2.9 yards) meters. Every hour on the hour, the six bells knock and play the music which is melodious and can be heard in a distance.

In the tower, there are winding stairs on one side and exhibition area on the other side. Through the stairs, tourists can go to the top of the tower and overlook the city. The exhibition area is composed of 1 underground floor and 10 ground floors, mainly displaying the history of the Beijing – Hankou Railway Strike, including the cause, process and result, through historical stuff, pictures and texts. Besides, it always hold various art exhibitions and revolutionary education exhibitions.

Other Things to Do around Erqi Square

After visiting the square, you can go to the shopping malls around to shop, dine, and entertain. The famous ones include The Mixc City, David Plaza, Hualian Commercial Building, Dehua Commercial Street, Asia Mall, Wanbo Shopping Mall, and Zhengzhou Department Store.

David Plaza

As a comprehensive large-scale shopping and leisure center, David Plaza has a 6-storey podium used as a shopping mall selling fashion accessories, household articles, etc. Inside Building A, 1 – 9F are for luxuries, boutique furnishing, accessories; 10 – 12 F are specialized catering and B1 is a boutique supermarket; in the fifth floor is the most luxurious indoor ice rink in the city. 7 – 24 F of Building B is a 5 star hotel.

The Mixc

The Mixc is a large comprehensive shopping mall integrating catering, entertainment and shopping. It has 10 floors in total. B2 – B3 are carparks, B1 is for catering, supermarket, accessories and cosmetics, 1 – 5 F are the main shopping area which has clothing stores, cellphone store, and so on. 6 – 7 F are for catering, hotel, skating rink, children’s playground, etc.

Dehua Commercial Street

Dehua Commercial Street is an underground shopping street integrating clothing stores, accessories stores, cosmetics shops, etc. Stuff here is cheaper than those of the high-end shopping malls. If you want to taste some snacks or local food of the city, it is the best choice. Skewers, steamed vermicelli roll, Hui Mian Noodles and Hu maeuntang are all recommended. The food street is in the decoration style of early 20th century, which is suitable to take photos. Also, there are bookstores and sugar shops in the street.

Liudaoxiang Food Court

There are about 70 restaurants in the food court where you can taste specialties from all over China including Chongqing, Xi’an, Wuhan, Changsha, Hong Kong, Taiwan… The architecture is in classic Chinese style of last century. When the night falls and all the lights are on, the food court is even more attracting.

How to Get to Erqi Square

1. Visitors can get to Erqi Guangchang Station by subway line 1 and exit from D.
2. Take city bus line 35, 60, 78, 85, 985, Y5, Y12, Tourists Bus Line 51 to Xidajie Nanxiajie; after getting off, walk west for about 200 meters (220 yards). Or take bus line 2, 6, 21, 26, 32, 40, 52, 57, 58, 65, 82, 85, 89, 109, 256, 518, 603, 906, Y1, B17 and get off at Erqi Guangchang.
Admission Fee The charge is free, but tourists need to show their ID Cards like passport when entering.
Opening Hours 24 hours

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