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Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountain
Ancient Building Complex
in the Wudang Mountain

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 Wudang Mountains
 Shennongjia Nature Reserve
Located in the northwestern parts of Hubei Province, Shiyan is a typical mountain city which lies between the Qinling Mountain and Bashan Mountain. Endowed with beautiful landscapes, Shiyan is considered the only National Garden City in China's inland mountain area. That is why it has become a renowned tourist resort for Chinese and foreign travelers.
 With a profound history, Shiyan has its charm being embodied by various tourist attractions ranging from the famous Taoist shrine Wudang Mountain to the mysterious virgin forest Shennongjia. Geographically, travelers can admire the ancient building complex of Wudang Mountain in the east, trace the Shennongjia Nature Reserve in the south, go to visit the so-called 'Inner Great Wall'- the Great Wall of Chu State in the west, have a view of the fossils of dinosaurs' eggs in the north, or they may visit the Mount Fulong Natural Reserve and Niutoushan Forest Park without going out of the urban district.
Situated in the Danjiangkou City (county-level), Wudang Mountain belongs to the eastern section of Bashan Mountain. It is one of China's well-known Taoist mountains and also an appealing scenic spot. Apart from the natural scenery, Wudang Mountain has preserved numerous cultural relics including the grand-scale Taoist building complex. Most of the architectures were built in the Tang (618-907), Song (960-1279) and Yuan (1271-1368) dynasties. In 1994, the Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains was inscribed in the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List by UNESCO.
Gilt Bronze Hall, Wudang Mountain
Gilt Bronze Hall, Wudang Mountain
A Temple on Wudang Mountain
A Temple on Wudang Mountain
The long-time geographical changes and relatively isolated environment have made the Shennongjia Nature Reserve another top attraction of Shiyan. Being reputed as a 'natural gene base' and a 'natural zoo', the forest zone possesses 3,700 sorts of plants and over 1,060 kinds of animals including 33 kinds of amphibians, 40 kinds of reptiles, 47 kinds of fishes, 308 kinds of birds and 560 kinds of insects. Especially, 67 kinds of rare wild animals such as golden monkeys, South China tigers, leopards, white storks and bustards are living in this zone. However, the most appealing point of Shennongjia may be the millennial mysteries of the Wild Man.
If visitors are willing to see more natural scenic view of Shiyan, they may choose to go to the beautiful Shibali Gorge or to appreciate the oddness of the Donkey Head Gorge; if they would like to learn more about the history of Shiyan, they can go to the Shangjin Ancient Town built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); if they want to find a place to relax themselves, going to the Hot Spring Temple and enjoying a hot spring bath in Fangxian County will be a wonderful choice.
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Asked by artyeo from BRUNEI | Dec. 27, 2015 07:59Reply
Shiyan to Wudangshan
Where is SY Bus Station located? the one arrive from Xi'an
Any budget Hotel recommend that is few min walk away?
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Answered by Uranda from BRAZIL | Dec. 28, 2015 01:41

Oh, I see. Long-distance buses from Xi'an will arrive at the Express Bus Station, which is located on Kaixuan Avenue, Zhangwan District. For accommodation, the closest hotel is Super 8 Hotel, which is right next to the Bus Station.
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