Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County

Wooden Pagoda in Yingxian County, Datong
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Located in Yingxian County, and about 70 kilometers south of Datong, the Wooden Pagoda is the oldest and highest wooden structure in China. It is regarded as the 'First Pagoda in the World' and a gem in the architectural field. It has now also been placed under national emphases under the Cultural Relics Protection Units.

Built during the Liao Dynasty (about 1056), this wooden pagoda has about 900 years of history. It has a height of about 67 meters, and a 30 meter long diameter at its bottom. The Pagoda appears as a five-storey structure, but in fact it has a total of nine stories with four hidden inside. It was built with about 54 different kinds of brackets, and jointed only by the tenors and mortises without any nails or rivets at all! With a unique octagon structure in each tier, and a special designed lightning top, the pagoda can still stand firmly and remains intact. It continues to reveal its exquisite quality in a rustic, simple manner, despite the long exposure to the elements, violent earthquakes and intense thunderbolt. The wind bells hung  under each eave add more interest to this wooden pagoda. When the wind blows, the little bells make sweet sounds, which also add spice to your tour.

What's more, the large Buddha statues hosted in the Wooden Pagoda show different countenances and postures, and display a very high level of craftsmanship. The statue of Sakyamuni of the 1st floor stands at the height of 11 meters is particularly impressive. If look itup inside the pagoda, you will feel its grandeur.

The exquisite and vivid mural around it depicts the guardians, disciples and donors in a lifelike and meticulous manner and in the typical Liao painting style.

The Wooden Pagoda is a perfect combination of science, art and religion. It is also the wonder of the wooden architecture field. It should be a necessary stop in your Shanxi tour.
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A close view of Wooden Pagoda, Yingxian County, Datong

Admission Fee: CNY 61 (including CNY 1 for insurrance)
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 18:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: One and a half hours
Bus Route: 1. Take regular bus from Datong North Long Distance Passenger Transportation Station (near the railway station) to Yingxian West Bus Station and then change a taxi to the scenic area. The taxi fare should be around CNY 5.  
2. Hire a taxi to visit Hanging Monastery, Mt. Hengshan and Wooden Pagoda in one day. The rent is around CNY 360 per day.

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