Mount Everest

Mount Everest Facts

Altitude: 8,848.86m (29,031.69 feet)
Mount Everest Location: in the border of Tingri County of Tibet and Nepal
Which Mountain Range is Mount Everest in: Himalayas

Mount Everest, also called Mt. Qomolangma, is the highest peak in the world. Its Tibetan meaning of 'Goddess the Third' adds more mysterious color and magic power to the subject. As a result, it has intrigued all kinds of people since it was first discovered. Pilgrims trek long distances to present a pious worship, climbing enthusiasts run great risks to challenge its high altitude and the common visitors also yearn for a reverent look at this holy peak.

Map of Mt. Everest
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Mt. Everest
Mount Everest, Tibet
Mount Everest Pictures
Mount Everest is the dominant peak of Himalayas, the northern brae in Tingri County of Tibet and the southern in the Nepal. The area has 4 peaks above 8,000 m. (26,247 ft.) and 38 peaks above 7,000 m. (22,965 ft.), hence the laudatory title 'the Third Pole of the Earth'.

As the supreme point of the world, Mt. Qomolangma is also blessed with many extreme wonders. The top part of the mountain is covered with snow all the year round. When the glaring sun shines on the mountain, the peak is just like a white pyramid miraculously transformed by the Goddess, leading us to imagine her semblance further. More often than not, the thick freely moving clouds and fogs, seeming as if a flag with the mast of the peak was swinging, will shroud the peak. This peculiar phenomenon is known as 'Flag Cloud'. An additional wonder generated here are the bright glaciers, where ices are formed into various shapes like bridges, pagodas and others. You can also find miles of efflorescent rock physiognomy there, such as stalagmites, stelae, stone sword, and stone pagodas. The climbing pathfinders call this splendor at such high attitude 'the Largest Park on the High Mountain'.
Gate to Mount Qomolangma National Park
Gate to Mount Qomolangma National Park
Blue Sky and Lofty Snow Mountains
Blue Sky and Lofty Snow Mountains
The area of Mountain Everest has been built as one of the national natural reserves, wherein live thousands of kinds of plants, hundreds of varieties of wild animals and dense virgin forests. Many of these are precious and rare, like the first-class protected animal ounces and the valuable timber sandals, etc.

At the foot of this world's highest mountain is located the highest temple in the world, Rongbuk Monastery. At the altitude of about 5,000 m. (16,404 ft.) and 25 km. (15.5 mi.) in the distance, it is also the best point to appreciate the scenery of Mount Everest. Rongbuk Glacier around this area is also the largest among all the glaciers here.

Travel Tips

Climbing Mount Everest is very dangerous, only those who can endure the adverse weather and experienced climbers should venture onto it's slopes. The area is frequently beset with sudden storms, snow, wind and the weather may change quickly in a day. Only the periods between early March and late May, along with early September and late October are fit for climbing, among which less than 20 days are actually fine. So keep a very close eye on the weather changes there if you want to climb. The mountain lies in the borderline about 100 km. (62 mi.) south of Sino-Nepal Road, you can hire a car from Lhasa or take some vehicles by the way. For the dining and accommodation, Rongbuk Monastery is recommended.

How to get to Mount Everest from Lhasa

Visitors are suggested to hire a local car to visit the scenic area, and it normally charges around CNY 6,000 for four persons.

 The Tibet Mountaineering Management Center plans to charge the climbers an environmental fee of 100 to 200 USD per person. According to the center, the collected money will be used to clear away the garbage left by the climbers on the mountain. Till now, it's still unclear when exactly the fee will be collected.

Entrance Fee of Mount Everest Nature Reserve Area Apr. - Oct.: CNY 160;
Nov. - Mar.: CNY 90
Cycler in the Mt. Qomolangma       Mt. Everest Bridge

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Questions & Answers on Mount Everest
Asked by Patricia Brown from USA | Feb. 08, 2016 15:20Reply
I will be staying in Beijing, what is the best way to 'SEE Mt. Everest'?
What is the nearest city to reach there?
Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from USA | Feb. 16, 2016 03:53

The nearest city is Shigatse. First, you may fly to Lhasa (about 4.5 hours). Then, take a bus to Shigatse from Western Suburb Bus Station at No. 1, Middle Jinzhu Road, Chengguan District. Afterwards, charter a car to the site. Keep warm and take care! :)
Asked by Suchi from CHINA | Jul. 02, 2014 21:29Reply
How long it take from Shigatse to Saga
Answers (1)
Answered by Juma from INDIA | Jul. 02, 2014 22:29

It takes around 6 hours by bus!
Asked by shan | Apr. 21, 2013 20:38Reply
November ebc trek
Hi I will be trekking to ebc this November. Is this month suitable for trekking? If I am going from lahsa how many days do I need to do this trek?
Answers (1)
Answered by Henry from USA | Apr. 22, 2013 20:48

Yes, you can trek for the trip in Nov. One of my friend went for that as well, and he spent six days for all.
Asked by angela morton from SOUTH AFRICA | Apr. 18, 2013 05:17Reply
I will be visiting EBC in mid-May 2013 and staying at Rongbuk Monastery Guesthouse.
How far is it from the guesthouse to base camp? And how do people get from the guesthouse to the base camp? Walk? Drive? Other?
Look forward to your reply.
Answers (1)
Answered by Melodie from SOUTH AFRICA | Apr. 26, 2013 14:23

We going to EBC too early May. You can walk from Rongbuk or go with rented car and driver. We will be using our rent car/driver that we come from Lhasa with.
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