4 Most Famous Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea

Chinese chrysanthemum tea is a kind of flower tea made from fresh chrysanthemum flowers by baking and drying in the shade or under the sun. Of all the Chinese chrysanthemum tea, Huangshan Chrysanthemum, Hangzhou Chrysanthemum, Chuzhou Chrysanthemum and Bozhou Chrysanthemum are the 4 most famous. They all have the health benefits of improving eyesight and clearing inner heat. What’s their difference in addition to the planting regions? Let’s have a look. 

1. Huangshan Chrysanthemum Tea (Gong Ju)

Literally, Gongju means tribute chrysanthemum for it is a tribute to emperors in ancient times. It is mainly planted in Huangshan City of Anhui Province. The flower is intact, even and not scattered. The petal is pure and white, and the stalk is dark green. The dry flower gives off a strong fragrance. It gains the reputation for not only the beautiful shape but also the amazing medical benefits.

The clinical trial has found that Gongju can clam nerves, improve the ability of blood capillary to resist inflammation, inhibit the activity of some bacteria like tuberculosis bacterium and staphylococcus. It can also clear the liver, improve eyesight and cool the inner heat. It is helpful in curing cold, furuncle, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. The Gongju is also called “the flower to resist aging” because the elements that anti-aging and promoting the decomposition and excretion of cholesterol in it are helpful in accelerating the circulation of blood, moisturizing the skin and nourishing hair.

2. Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Tea (Hang Ju)

Hangzhou chrysanthemum is produced in Tongxiang nearby Hangzhou. It includes two types, white chrysanthemum and yellow chrysanthemum. It can be used to cure dizziness after the combination with concha haliotidis, nacre and achyranthes. This Chinese chrysanthemum tea is able to cool the inner heat and detoxify. The Hangzhou chrysanthemum is cold in properties, which is a help to remedy sore and swell. You can also get benefits such as curing fever, headache and cough when it is made together with mulberry leaf, forsythia, mint and platycodon grandiflorum. It has bigger flowers, so can be planted as ornamental flowers, too.

3. Chuzhou Chrysanthemum (Chu Ju)

Chuzhou chrysanthemum is from Chuzhou of Anhui Province. It has the tightest petal in all chrysanthemum varieties. The Chuzhou chrysanthemum tea Chinese medicine efficacy is the strongest among the 4 types. The unbearable summer heat, or more seriously, heat stroke can be remised by developing the habit of having it regularly. The immunity can also be strengthened when you drink Chuzhou chrysanthemum in your daily life. In addition, some other diseases like high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis will get away from you if you live with this kind of Chinese chrysanthemum tea. It can be used as the filling of the pillow, which can be a side-effect free remedy for dizziness and light-headache.

4. Bozhou Chrysanthemum (Bo Ju)

The planting area of Bo Ju is mainly in Bozhou of Anhui Province. One of the most significant features of Bozhou chrysanthemum is the loose petal. The shape of it is like an inverted conical or cylindrical or sometimes it is in sector shape after pressure. The color is white or light yellow-white. The flavor is fresh and the taste is lightly bitter. It is frequently used as a preferable Chinese traditional medicine in spring and summer time. If you get hot cold in summer, a cup of Bozhou chrysanthemum can make you feel better. It also can be a material in your dietary therapy, which can be mixed with rice to make porridge.

Tips on Drinking Chinese Flower Tea Chrysanthemum

1. Do not drink overnight Chinese Chrysanthemum tea. It will result in some discomforts like diarrhea, and the health-caring benefit will go lower.

2. Chrysanthemum also has side effects although not obvious. The overdrink can lead to some bad results like more easily to sweat and get anger; do harm to your spleen and stomach; cause disorder of gastric juice secretion and losing of appetite.

3. Chrysanthemum cannot be drank while you are having pork, chicken or celery.

Who are not suitable for drinking Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea?

1. People with poor health and a cold stomach.

2. People in the allergic constitution.

3. People who are suffering from typhoid fever cold.

4. People who are pregnant or in the suckling period.

5. Elders in poor gastrointestinal function should avoid it.

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