Top 10 Most Expensive Tea in China

Tea is one of the most popular drink in China. What’s the most expensive tea in China? The following are the top 10 most expensive tea in China. Most of them can only be seen at auctions.

No. 10. Panda Tea – CNY 440,000 / kg

Panda tea only grows in Sichuan panda ecological tea mountain. The tea trees on the tea mountain coexist with Chinese national treasures - Giant Panda. They are in the natural state of primitive ecology without manual intervention. Panda tea trees product high-quality tea with the pandas’ dung as fertilizer. In March 2014, a tea-picking woman went to the tea mountain to pick Panda Tea, which was planted in 2011 and nourished by panda excrement for three years. Its market price reached 440,000 / kg!

No. 9. Tie Guan Yin Tea – CNY 670,000 / kg

Tie Guan Yin belongs to oolong tea and was discovered by tea farmers as early as the year 1725. It mainly grows in Xiping Town, An’xi County, Quanzhou, Fujian. It can help resist aging, lose weight, prevent cancer, clear away heat, cure decayed tooth and so on. In 2012, it was sold at auction for 670,000 yuan per kilogram.

No. 8. Lu’an Melon Seed – CNY 920,000 / kg

Lu’an Melon Seed belongs to green tea and is native to Dabie Mountains, Lu’an in Anhui. Of all the tea leaves worldwide, it is the only one made from single leaves without buds or stems. It can help to alleviate fatigue, clear away heat and toxic materials. In 2002, it was sold at auction for CNY 920,000 / kg!

No. 7. Songzhong No.1 Tea – CNY 1 million / kg

Songzhong No.1 Tea, also named Song Tea, comes from Chaozhou, Guangdong. Its history of cultivation can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). There is only a single buddle of this tree remained in the world, with superb historical value and drinking value. At an auction, it was auctioned at a price of CNY 1 million per kilogram in 2016.

No.6 Longjing Tea – Over CNY 1 million / kg

As one of the 10 best Chinese tea, Longjin Tea is reputed for its green color, long-lasting fragrance and mellow taste. Among some various types, the tea produced by the tree “Imperial Shibake” is the most valuable. This kind of tea was favored by imperial family. The emperor Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1636-1912 AD) once came there to pick tea leaves.

At present, this tea tree has the production volume of only about 100g per year, so its price basically cannot be valued by weight. However, another precious Longjing Tea was sold at over 1 million yuan per kilogram in 2014, while its price is no less than that.

No. 5. Xinyang Maojian – CNY 1.49 million / kg

Xinyang Maojian is also one of the most expensive Chinese tea, and now widely cultivated in China and other cities. In 2006, a kind of this tea, named “Blue Sky and Green Leaves” was successfully auctioned off in Xinyang for a price of CNY 1.49 million / kg. It directly raised the market prices of whole series of Xinyang Maojian. Afterwards, it is regarded as the brand symbol of regional tea culture, with high cultural and social values.

No. 4. Huangshan Maofeng – CNY 1.7 million / kg

Huangshan Maofeng is a kind of green tea and one of the most expensive tea in China. It is only produced in Huangshan and the most superb Maofeng only grows up in places with an altitude of 700-800 meters. 50g of superb Huangshan Maofeng was auctioned off at a price of CNY 850,000 million in 2011, which was equivalent to 1.7 million per kilogram.

No. 3. Monkey Chief Tea – CNY 2 million / kg

Monkey Chief Tea is another most expensive tea in China growing in Huangshan City. Having won the title of “King of Green Tea” at the International Tea Expo in 2004, it also appeared in the World Congress of Geographical Indications, World Expo and other activities. At an auction held in 2007, it was auctioned off at a price of CNY 159,000 for 100g. Its price reached CNY 2 million / kg in 2009.

No. 2. Dahongpao – CNY 5.2 million / kg

Dahongpao is from Mount Wuyi, Fujian Province, and is the most popular oolong tea in China. There are only three trees of over 350 years old to produce the best Dahongpao. The total 20g were finally auctioned off at a total price of CNY 208,000, which equaled CNY 5.2 million per kilogram.

No. 1. Pumpkin Tribute Tea – CNY 19.99 million / kg

Pumpkin Tribute Tea is the most expensive Chinese tea and is a special kind of Pu’erh tea. It is named so as its shape like pumpkin and it appears in golden color after long years of storage. The existing two pieces of Pumpkin Tribute Tea are respectively stored in the tea research institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Hangzhou and the Forbidden City.

In a tea tasting activity held in Pu’er city, Yunnan province in 2017, the sponsor insured 19.99 million yuan for a pumpkin tribute tea cake.

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