Huangshan Maofeng Tea

Huangshan Maofeng is a kind of green tea and one of the top 10 Chinese tea. The dry tea leave is in micro-roll shape like Finch tongue, processed from fat tea bund. After brewing, it appears faint green color, with mellow and long lasting orchid aroma. Drinking it regularly can help prevent cancer, anti-aging, and lose weight, etc. The price of Huangshan Maofeng tea depends on its quality, and the price of super class Huangshan Maofeng usually varies from CNY 60-150 per 50 gram in China.

Why is it called Huangshan Maofeng?

Mao in Chinese means “hair or fur” and Feng means “mountain peak”. It well describes the appearance and planting region of this kind of tea. On the surface of this kind of dried tea is a layer of white hair which is like animal’s fur; the fresh tea leaves are picked from the peak of Yellow Mountain, also known as Mt. Huangshan, hence the name Huangshan Maofeng or Yellow Mountain Fur Peak.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea Benefits

1. Excitation effect

Tea caffeine can excite the central nervous system, help people cheer up, refresh mind, improve thinking efficiency, eliminate fatigue, and improve work efficiency.

2. Diuretic effect

The caffeine and theophylline in tea have diuretic effect, which is used to treat edema and water-hysteretic tumor.

3. Strong heart spasm effect

Caffeine can help improve heart function, relieve spasm, relax muscle, relieve bronchospasm, and promote blood circulation.

4. Inhibitory effect of arteriosclerosis

Tea polyphenols and vitamin C in Huangshan Maofeng tea have the role of activating blood stasis to prevent arteriosclerosis, so people who often drink tea have a lower incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease.

5. Anti-aging

Polyphenols have a strong oxidation resistance and physiological activity, and thus the radical scavenger of human body.

6. Radiation prevention

Polyphenols and their oxidation products have the ability to absorb the toxicity of strontium 90 and cobalt 60 of radioactive material.

7. Beauty&care of skin

Tea polyphenols in Huangshan Maofeng are water-soluble substances. When used to wash dirty greasy face, it can reduce the sun's ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin.

8. Lower blood lipids and blood sugar

Tea contains catechins, tea polysaccharides, catechins, which can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol in human cells, so drinking tea can reduce the total cholesterol and lower density lipoprotein content in plasma.

How to Choose Huangshan Maofeng Tea

For dry tea, there are five factors of evaluating good Huangshan Maofeng: appearance, color, fragrance, high purity and appropriate degree of dryness. Generally speaking, good Huangshan Maofeng should be flat, slender and slightly curling. What’s more, it should be with rich white pekoe on the surface of tea leaves. The color is yellow and green and it possesses fresh and long lasting aroma of orchid and Chinese chestnut.

After brewing, factors like soup color, aroma and appearance of tea leaves need to be considered. The tea soup should be bright and clear with faint yellow and green color. It should also have long lasting aroma and taste fresh without bitterness. The tea leaves are complete after brewing.

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