10 Best Chinese Green Tea

Green tea is a kind of unfermented tea widely drunk in China. There are many kinds of them, each possessing unique flavor due to different factors like growing areas, planting methods, and producing crafts, etc. Here we list 10 best Chinese green tea for your reference:

Xihu Longjing Tea
Xihu Longjing Tea

1. Xihu Longjing 西湖龙井

Also called: Dragon Well Tea
Growing area: West Lake area in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Benefits: help digestion, lose weight, nourish skin, delay aging, refresh mind, control cancer cell…

The planting of Longjing green tea could be dated backed to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Ranking the first among the ten famous green tea in China, it is well known for its green color, strong fragrance, sweet taste and pretty shape. The West Lake green tea leaf is flat and straight, with the color of viridity and the smell of mellow fragrance. When brewing, green tea leaves and faint yellow soup will be perfectly presented. 


2. Huangshan Maofeng 黄山毛峰

Also called: Yellow Mountain Fur Peak
Growing area: Yellow Mountain in Huangshan City, Anhui Province
Benefits: keep excited, diuretic, promote blood circulation, and lose weight…

Huangshan Maofeng is frequently seen in the list of best Chinese green tea brands. The tea leaves slightly curl just like a bird’s tongue. The tea soup is clear and yellowish with the long lasting flavor and the aroma of orchid or Chinese chestnut. Because the newly-made tea leaves are with the white pekoe covered and sharp point, and the fresh tea leaves are picked from the Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan), thus it is called so, literally “sharp tea leaves covered with pekoe from Mt. Huangsha”.


3. Anji White Tea 安吉白茶

Growing area: Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Benefits: lose weight, delay aging, prevent cancer…

Though Anji White Tea has a “white” in its name, it has nothing to do with the white tea but the authentic green tea. It is so called in that there is rich white pekoe covering the emerald green leaves. The tea soup is light yellow with fresh aroma. Anji white tea tree is kind of mutant tea tree, and the spring tea leaves are of white color while the leaves in summer become green due to climate change.
Anji White Tea
Anji White Tea
Xinyang Maojian Tea
Xinyang Maojian Tea

4. Xinyang Maojian Tea 信阳毛尖

Growing area: Xinyang City, Henan Province
Benefits: lose weight, delay aging, refresh mind, improve the appetite…

Xinyang Maojian, another kind of famous Chinese green tea, can be further divided into several kinds according to the different picking times. It features for slim and straight shape, rich white hair, chestnut aroma, and fresh taste. When brew, the tea soup is yellow green in color. 


5. Taihu Biluochun 太湖碧螺春

Also called: Green Snail Spring
Growing area: Dong Ting Mountain by Taihu Lake, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Benefits: anti-microbial, diminish inflammation, lose weight…

Biluochun gained the name because the processed tea leaves get the rolling shapes just like the snails. Early in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it has been precious tribute to the emperor and royal families. The tea leaves are tight, curly and slivery green with white hair. Special planting method gives Biluochun tea mixed aroma of flower and fruit. When brewing, the curling tea leaves slowly unfold and fall down into the bottom of tea cup and the soup appears to be clear and green.
Biluochun Tea
Taihu Biluochun Tea
Lushan Yunwu Tea
Lushan Yunwu Tea

6. Lushan Yunwu 庐山云雾

Growing area: Mt. Lushan, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province
Benefits: help digestion, anti-microbial, diminish inflammation, refresh thirst…

Yunwu tea is a traditional and best Chinese green tea. Yunwu tea grows where the humidity is high all year round. Owning to the enough rainfall and small temperature variations, yunwu tea gets its distinctive flavor. With the verdant, neat and plump tea leaves, covered with sufficient white fur, Lushan Yunwu tea possesses strong and long lasting fragrance. After brewing, the soup is faint yellow. 
Lu'an Melon Seed Tea
Lu'an Melon Seed Tea

7. Lu'an Melon Seed Tea 六安瓜片

Growing area: Lu’an City, Anhui Province
Benefits: detoxicating, anti-microbial, refresh thirst, nourish skin, delay aging…

Liu'an Melon Seed Tea is, among all Chinese tea types, the only type processed from the second leaf on the branch without tea sprout and stalk, which greatly reduces the bitterness. Being one of the best Chinese green tea for weight loss, Liu'an Melon Seed tea is named so because the shapes of the tea leaves are flat and oval which look like melon seeds. The tea soup is of yellow green with fragrant aroma and can give long lasting sweetness in mouth.


8. Emei Zhuyeqing 峨眉竹叶青

Growing area: Mt. Emei, Leshan City, Sichuan Province
Benefits: detoxicating, anti-microbial, refresh thirst, nourish skin, delay aging…

Because of the unique climate, geographical environment, Emei Mountain gives birth to a unique type of tea - Zhuyeqing. It is processed from buds only, which is flat and straight with rich white pekoe on the surface. The tea soup is yellow green, clear and fragrant.

9. Monkey Chief Tea 太平猴魁

Growing area: Taiping County, present Huangshan District, Huangshan  City, Anhui Province
Benefits: detoxicating, anti-microbial, lose weight, nourish skin…

This is another famous Chinese green tea growing in Huangshan City. Monkey Chief Tea has a unique shape, with two leaves wrapping a bud. The tea leaves are flat straight and of dark green color. After brewing, tea soup is very green and clear, and has long-lasting fragrance. Monkey Chief Tea of high quality possesses orchid fragrance, with fresh, sweet and mellow taste.
Monkey Chief Tea
Monkey Chief Tea 
Duyun Maojian Tea
Duyun Maojian Tea

10. Duyun Maojian 都匀毛尖

Also Called: White Maojian, Slim Maojian
Growing area: Duyun City, Qiannan, Guizhou Province
Benefits: detoxicating, anti-microbial, lose weight, nourish skin, delay aging…

Duyun Maojian is named by Mao Zedong. The tea leaves are usually picked around Qingming Festival and usually one group has one leaf and one sprout. The dried tea leaves are slightly rolling and neat with yellow-green color and rich white pekoe. After brewing, the tea soup is of green and yellow color with long lasting sweetness.

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