Tie Guan Yin Tea

Tie Guan Yin is semi-fermented oolong tea and one of the best oolong tea types. In China, when speak of Tieguanyin, Anxi Tieguanyin tea always comes to people’s minds first. It is because the main place of producing Tie Guan Yin Oolong is Xiping Town, An’xi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. The dry Tieguanyin tea leave is curly, big and in dark green. The soup is golden yellow like amber and gives off a strong fragrance. The brewed leaves are stout, thick, soft and glossy. It can help resist aging, lose weight, prevent cancer, cure decayed tooth and etc.

How does Tie Guan Yin Tea look like?

Appearance: The dry tea leave is dark green and curled, looking like a dragonfly head.

Fragrance: After brewing, the tea soup smells like orchid, raw peanut kernel or coconut and the fragrance stays even if the tea leaves are brewed for several times.

Soup: The taste is between green tea and black tea, fresh and lightly sweet. The color is golden or orange. The brewed leaves are smooth and the surface is undulating like a wave. The petiole is wide, fat and thick, and the peduncle is glossy and red.

Tie Guan Yin Benefits

1. Resist Aging

According to researches, people getting older has something to do with the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid. Polyphenols in Tieguanyin can prevent over oxidation, achieving the goal of delaying aging directly.

2. Lose Weight

An experiment that involves 102 males and females who are diagnosed with light obesity was conducted in 1996 to see if there is something different if these subjects were asked to have Tieguanyin Tea for a period of time. The result showed it worked. This is because tea polyphenol can make fat burn in a quicker way, hence reduce redundant fat and flat your waist.

3. Prevent Cancer

Tieguanyin Tea is abundant in selenium, which is able to stimulate immune proteins and antibodies to resist disease, inhibiting the occurrence and development of cancer cells.

4. Clear away Heat

Caffeine in Tieguanyin can promote a quantity of energy to exude from your internal body. A report has said that one cup of tea can help send out 50 times energy from the pores than the energy of the tea self, which gives people a feeling of getting cool. Aged Tieguanyin tea boasts with the best effect on it.

5. Prevent and Cure Decayed Tooth

Fuorine , the guard of teeth, is rich in Tie Guan Yin. After brewing, 40 - 80% fuorine in Tieguanyin is soluble. It is quiet easy for fluorine to combine with calcium to create a layer of calcium fluoride on the surface of teeth so that teeth can be protected from acid and decay.

6. Reduce the Harm of Smoking

Under the influence of pnolic acids, the sediment of nicotine can be excreted from your body along with the urine, decreasing or eradicating side effects from nicotine. At the same time, caffeine can make liver metabolize drugs in a better way, promoting the blood circulation.

In addition, Tie Guan Yin can bring other advantages to your body such as resisting arteriosclerosis, preventing and curing diabetes.

Types of Tie Guan Yin

The processed Tieguanyin can be divided into three types based on making method and the degree of fermentation.

1. Tea with a faint scent: It is the lightest fermented one among these three types. The taste is mild and lightly sweet. The dry leave is jade green, the soup is clear and the fragrance is strong. It is of cold feature. Do not drink too much of it, otherwise you may suffer from stomachache and sleeplessness.

2. Tea with a strong aroma: It is a reprocessed tea from the fried tea leaves. The taste is strong and mellow. You can get a sweet aftertaste. It is glossy black in tea leaves and golden in soup. The fragrance is strong and pure. Compared to tea with a faint scent, tea with a strong aroma is not of cold feature, aiding you quench thirst and warm your stomach up.

3. Aged tea: It comes into being through the repeated processing of the above two types of tea that were preserved for a long time. It is featured by glossy black color, darker soup color and mellow taste.

How to Brew Tie Guan Yin Tea

1. Heat the pottery tea pot and cups with boiled water.

2. Fill in the tea pot with tea leaves. The amount is a half to two-third of the tea pot.

3. Pour the boiled water into the tea pot. Stay for a few seconds and pour the water out. Do it again. The first two brewed tea soup is abandoned for the taste is bitter and astringent.

4. Pour the boiled water into the tea pot for the third time. 1~2 minutes later, pour the tea soup into the cup and enjoy.

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