Wuyi Tea

Wuyi tea is a kind of semi-fermented oolong tea, hence also called Wuyi oolong tea. The tea trees usually grow on rock cracks on Mount Wuyi, so the tea is also called Wuyi rock tea. Being semi-fermented, it has both the fresh fragrance of unfermented green tea and the mellow taste of fermented black tea. The dry tea leaves are dark brown. After being brewed, the soup is clear in bright red, brown or orange.

4 Major Varieties of Wuyi Rock Tea

1. Dahongpao

Dahongpao is the best Wuyi rock tea, honored as “the king of tea”. The most significant feature of Dahongpao is the mild character, which makes it a suitable drink in all of the four seasons. People with poor intestines and stomach are advised to have it because of its stomach-caring effect.

2. Tieluohan

Tieluohan, the earliest famous tea from Mount Wuyi, has been planted for more than 250 years. You can use it to dissolve fat, remove crease, promote digestion and prevent decayed teeth. The soup of it is bright orange and the leaves have green middle and red edge.

3. Baijiguan

Baijiguan has a special fragrance like herbal medicine, which makes it different from other types of Wuyi mountain tea. For people in poor health, Baijiguan is helpful in warming you up, sweating more than usual and giving you a better body condition.

4. Shuijingui

Shuijingui goes extremely popular these days because of the long-traveling fragrance. The taste is aromatic and strong without obvious bitterness. It is a good drink that can do you favors on reducing tiredness after a long time working, decreasing abundant fat inside your body, and losing weight.

Benefits of Wuyi Tea

1. Improve immunity so that people have stronger disease resistance ability.

2. Tea polyphenol in it can remove the free radicals inside your body and delay the aging speed.

3. Microelements in Wuyi oolong tea can inhibit the occurrence of malignant tumors in the intestine canal, insulating you from the damage of cancer.

4. Wuyi oolong tea can reduce the number of intimal plaque in the aorta, make blood capillary stronger and increase resistance ability to cardiovascular disease.

5. It can protect urinary organs because of the rich flavonols and glycosides in it.

6. Catechinics acid in it can control the over-excretion of gastric juice, and make a protective layer to your stomach.

7. Fluorine in it can prevent decayed teeth and make your teeth tougher.

8. Vitamin A in Wuyi mountain tea can keep the corneal keratin in good condition, preventing yourself from diseases associated with eyes.

Besides what we have mentioned above, Wuyi tea can also quench thirst, cool the inner heat, excite the central nervous system, sober you up and anti-radiation.

How to Brew Wuyi Tea

1. Prepare Tea Sets

Purple sand tea sets are recommended. The tea pot can contain 90~150 ml water is the best.

2. Put tea leaves into tea pot.

The leaves should occupy 1/3~2/3 of the tea pot you choose. The more the leaves, the stronger the tea soup.

3. Heat Water

Mountain spring water is the best, following by clean river water and purified water. You’d better heat up the water right before making tea. The long-time stored boiled water or repeatedly boiled water is not a good choice.

4. Pour boiled water into tea pot.

The water temperature should be over 95℃. The soaking time for the first to third brewing should be 10~20 seconds and the soaking time should increase by 10-20 seconds for each additional brewing later.

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