Dunhuang Dining -- Where to Eat

In Dunhuang, there are no the fast food restaurants like KFC or Pizza Hut. There are only Chinese local food restaurants available. Most of the restaurants you found in Dunhuang can serve you authentic, delicious Chinese food at quite a reasonable price. On the average, a meal costs about CNY30~40.  So you can enjoy a very pleasant meal in Dunhuang City, with a reasonable price level.

Recommended Restaurants

 Daji Lvrou Huangmian Restaurant (Daji Donkey Meat & Yellow Noodles Restaurant)
This is claimed to be the most famous restaurant in Dunhuang, serving local dishes. Donkey meat and yellow noodles in this restaurant attracts many people, locals or tourists, every day. It is not a large restaurant, and it is always full of customers in the tourism peak season. Thus the service can be a bit slow, but taste of the dishes is absolutely authentic.
Average cost per person: CNY15~20
Recommended dishes: Donkey Meat; Yellow Noodles
Address: Located in the city center of Dunhuang and aside the statue of Flying Apsaras

 Tianshi Caigenxiang Restaurant
This restaurant serves food with the northwest flavor, and dishes are mainly beef and mutton. Dishes in this restaurant are usually liberal in quantity.
Average cost per person: CNY30
Recommended dishes: Fried Beef
Address: 1st floor of the Building of Armed Force Department, Guanxi Road

Another great place for dining must be the Night Market in Shazhou Market of Dunhuang City. This night market is composed of a dining square and a pedestrian street. Dining in the square, you just need to order your dishes and the waitress will get the food from the restaurant and then bring it to you. Of course, you could also enjoy your meal directly in the restaurants if you like. The Xingpi Shui (Apricot Peel Water) and the local beer are also worth a try.
Recommended dishes: Sliced Mutton Barbecue; Grilled Fish; Roasted Mutton Chops; Soup with Sheep Entails

If you prefer a good dining environment, you could try the restaurants around the Feitian Hotel in Mingshan Road of Dunhuang City. Some Chinese and western restaurants in this area may satisfy your appetite with a favorable price.

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