Anshun Dining

'Dining in Anshun' is a well-known tag line and plays an important role in the development of the travel industry in Anshun City. Tourists visiting large and mid-sized cities in China will find many Guizhou Cuisine restaurants. Many of the popular foods which are considered part of the Guizhou Cuisine come from Anshun City.

The Anshun cuisine favors the sour and spicy flavor. Traditional entrees include Buyi Chicken, Qingzhen (Islamic) Whole Ox Feast and Yelang Fish. In Tun Bu (a local village), the popular entrees vary somewhat with Jiuzhou stir-fry chicken with hot chili (named after an ancient town in southeast Guizhou), spicy Chinese honey locust bean, and oil braised preserved bean curd topping the list. The local snacks are very tasty and there are many different types to sample. Buckwheat cool bean jelly is made from sweet buckwheat which grows on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is typically served with fried soy bean and pignut or with chili oil and preserved bean curd. Chang (chitterlings) Wang (pig's blood) Noodle is another flavorful food which is made of chitterlings and black pudding. Fried Egg Cake is made from the choice rice and soy bean and is stuffed with meat. Crystal Iced Jelly and Chongchong Cake are also very popular snacks. Crystal Iced Jelly has pawpaw seeds as its main ingredient and is made by adding walnut seed, peanut, rose sugar, Chinese dates and wax gourd slices. Chongchong Cake is made with steamed sticky rice, with chufa juice, sesame, walnut seed, and wax gourd slices blended in.

Tips: Many delicious foods and snacks can be found at the night fair. Please refer to nightlife for specific details.

Local Restaurants:

Dazhong Restaurant
Address: No.21, Shixi Road, Xixiu District
Getting there: Take Bus No.5, 6, 8.

Huangguoshu Restaurant
Features: Guizhou Cuisine, good scenery with great views of the waterfall
Address: Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area

Tun Bu Restaurant
Recommended Dishes:  any of the local dishes of Tun Bu village
Address: Tianlong Town, Pingba County

Huangguoshu No.1 Restaurant
Address: beside the parking lot of the cable car station in Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area
Recommended dishes: bean curd sausage, sour celery (pickled vegetable), stewed culver, and stir-fried duck eggs with medlar leaf

Tingwang Restaurant
Address: No.40, Guanyin Road, Pingba County

Hengxing Restaurant
Address: No.67, Zhongshan Road (South), Pingba County

Western-style Food Restaurants:

Recommended Dishes: fried chicken, and hamburger
Address: No.69, Building No.6, South Street of Xixiu District

Dajiale Western-style Food Restaurant
Recommended Dish: beefsteak
Address: Building No.5 - Second Floor, Tushu Road, South Street

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Questions & Answers on Anshun Dining
Asked by marida from MALAYSIA | May. 15, 2015 11:27Reply
I want to buy branded baby shoes, jeans, blouse and shirt for boy n girl in Anshun.
where can i get the best shop and also the cheapest shop?
Answers (1)
Answered by Zoe from DENMARK | May. 20, 2015 03:42

As I know, you can go to 'Little Angel Children's Clothes City'. You can find what you want there.
The prices of most clothes are reasonable.
It's located nearby No. 202, North Zhonghua Road, Xixiu District.
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